How 3 people changed their lives after winning the lottery

With nine-figure numbers in your bank account, the world could really be your oyster

When we look at jackpots that have more than 6 zeros at the end, we often think, “that could never be me”. This is the same thought that these three winners had, but their lives changed overnight when they discovered that they won the lottery!

How does a €122 million prize sound?

This wonderful EuroMillions jackpot was won by a single ticket holder on 19th November 2019. Steve Thomson, a construction worker from West Sussex aged 42 and a father of three, had bought a EuroMillions ticket with his wife Lenka. Three days after the EuroMillions draw took place, he went to check his numbers and could not believe his eyes - he matched all of the 5 main numbers!

After telling his wife that they had just won €122 million, they decided to stay calm and continue with their workday for the time being. They were unable to sleep for a while, but they said that life had to go on as normal. They bought a bigger house, they bought a pink iPhone for their daughter, and Mrs Thomson planned to visit her family, who live in Slovakia, more often. They were not sure what to do with the rest of the money, but they knew that their futures were set.

The current EuroMillions jackpot is at €56 million and the next draw will take place on Friday at 21:00. You could be the next EuroMillions jackpot winner by placing your bets here.

What would you do with $758.7 million?

Back in August 2017, a woman from Massachusetts won exactly that amount in Powerball. Unlike the Thomsons, 53-year-old Mavis Wanczyk did not continue her life normally. She had been working at a Medical Centre for over 30 years, and as soon as she realised that she won the $758.7 million Powerball jackpot, which is approximately €703 million, she called her workplace and told them that she will not be returning.

She was super excited to be a Powerball winner and with that kind of money in your hands, you could probably do anything you want, so she did not let her job get in her way. She also spoke with journalists about her win within less than 24 hours.

You can also try your luck for this Saturday’s Powerball draw with a jackpot of €62.9 million from the comfort of your home!

Have you ever wanted to build a water park?

Winning the lottery could make you do crazy and wonderful things. John and Linda Kutey bought a Mega Millions ticket together with their colleagues back in 2011, and they managed to win the mega jackpot of $319 million! Their share of the winnings amounted to $28.7 million, which is approximately €26.6 million.

The couple knew that they wanted to honour their parents by doing something good for their community so they decided to renovate a local park. They replaced the pool in this park with an entire water park! They also had enough money left for Mr Kutey to leave his job and move into a new Florida house with his family.

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