Massa Tattoo Social Club back in action

Massa Tattoo Social Club, the brainchild of Scottish tattooist Scotty Massa, has re-opened its doors 

Massa Tattoo Social Club, the brainchild of Scottish tattooist Scotty Massa, opened its doors in November 2019.

Based in the heart of Birkirkara, the studio has the unique feel of a private, professional shop, which also operates as a walk-in high street shop. Newly renovated, MTSC boasts a large open space, with separate tattooing, waiting and consultation areas, as well as an impressive collection of merchandise, ready to be taken home.

Scotty has been tattooing for over 10 years and has travelled the world tattooing, attending shows and conventions, winning awards and sending people home with grins on their faces, love in their hearts, and fresh ink on their skin.

Having taken part in multiple tattoo conventions all over America, Canada and Italy, amongst others, have effectively given Scotty the upper hand. Working guest spots alongside world class artists such as Potter Seunghyun Jo, Jen Carmean and Mikkel Ostberg also gave him the opportunity to explore, learn and practice an abundance of brand new techniques and styles, all of which he has taken advantage of and made his own in Malta.

In terms of tattooing styles, he enjoys working with a variety of different styles, including bright colours, traditional, varied line weights, but bold, high contrast work remains to be his preferred genre. Scotty is aware that versatility is key however; as he mentions that he is also partial to some black and grey work. He prides himself on operating at the highest levels of creativity, having open conversations and discussions with clients, ensuring that the finished product is the perfect combination of the clients’ imagined design and the tattooists’ top-notch techniques.

Just as important as tattooing techniques are hygiene standards, which are a top priority for Scotty.

If it’s getting a stellar tattoo in a safe, professional environment you’re looking for, get in touch with Scotty Massa at Massa Tattoo Social Club today.

Check out some of Scotty’s work on Instagram or contact the shop here.