Five of the best horse-racing courses in Britain

Fans could probably name more than five of the best horses and their riders, but what about the racecourses? Where do tourists go when they want to experience Britian’s best first-hand? 

Great Britain boasts some of the largest and most popular racing courses in the world. Horse racing has been a popular sport since the 17th century and till today, has maintained its popularity. 

When asking fans about the horses and their riders, they could probably name more than five. What about the racecourses? Where do tourists go when they want to experience Britain's best firsthand? Which racing course is the largest and has the most circles?

As mentioned, Britain has it all. Here are just a few:

  • Cheltenham

The size, the crowd, the view. Almost everything about this racecourse just screams excitement. It was built in 1815 and has since been developed into the huge stadium it is today. Boasting 350 acres, Cheltenham racecourse is one of the largest in Britain and can house up to 68,000 people at any given time. The smooth, green course spans around well-spaced out circles with a fantastic view for the audience. Also, there's the Cheltenham festival, which attracts tourists interested in horse racing and sports betting, made even more appealing by signing up for offers in the UK.

  • Ascot

If it's sophistication you’re after, then head on down to the Ascot racecourse. It’s modern, large and offers excellent views of the racing tracks. First of all, the course flat and National Hunt fixtures throughout the year. With its modern design and facilities, the Royal Ascot is still the epicentre of Britain’s rich horse racing history. Plus, there’s a five-day festival during summer, which attracts racing fans from all over the world, who come over to enjoy the rich cuisine, entertainment and sporting events. 

  • Aintree

If we’re talking about historical racecourses that have grown over the years, Aintree must definitely be mentioned. Located in Liverpool, it was established back in 1939, and is home to the Grand National Horse Racing Competition. The Grand National is famously known to be the longest jump race in Great Britain. Every year, the racing course sees over 70,000 spectators and, of course, fans hoping to win big on their predictions. 

  • York

It’s not just the horses that win big on this course. The York course has been voted as the best in Britain no less than four times. Maybe it’s the lush, green grass that spans across the entire racecourse or the intricate viewing experience it presents the fans. Located in the heart of Yorkshire, this historical site hosts flat racing events all year long. It’s where the elite gather to bet and win big. Although, there’s always a mixed crowd when you go to York. 

  • Doncaster

Also situated in Yorkshire is Doncaster. It’s another mixed purpose track that offers both flat and National Hunt racing. Every year, there are up to 36 events lined up. In fact, the flat season starts and ends in Doncaster. It’s home to the famous St. Leger classic, but hosts a good number of other races too. 

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