Flexibility is key in the workplace at MrCasinova.com

The Maltese office scene is on the brink of major change, says Inovatiq CEO Sirp de Wit

When the local authorities announced that all employees should be working from home as much as possible, offices that were normally full of life were replaced with dark and deserted spaces.

Almost five months later, a lot of movement can be seen on the market. CEO of Inovatiq Ltd and parent company of MrCasinova.com, Sirp de Wit said: “For us at MrCasinova.com, it was not a big exciting transition. We were already used to working remote due to the remote set up available in the office. Therefore, we did not see any drop in productivity. Flexibility is key here, employees can decide for themselves if they want to work in the office or work from home for the day, week or even month.”

MrCasinova.com moved to a new office space in May, which was planned before COVID-19 struck the island.

“With the full flexible set up in place, we simply did not have to cater for the same office size. We have a more agile workforce, which plays key with current Coronavirus working conditions,” added Sirp de Wit.

“You should see your office as a pub, or coffee store. You don’t go to the pub everyday. But the variety of working sometimes from home and sometimes in a social environment, where you meet others, gives you flexibility and freedom. Some people want to work in the evening or very early in the morning. Then they just have to be able to do that and with the remote set up, everyone can decide for themselves. It’s most important that the job gets done. So, if the right expectations and goals are set, and you have the right people who fit that culture, the trust will be fully there, and you will be able to deliver on par or better than before.”

It’s expected that more iGaming firms with follow suit and be more flexible with the workforce. With today’s technology this is more than possible.

Therefore, it will only be a matter of time before the Maltese real estate market will shrink after years of booming growth, he continued.