What’s next for Malta’s Yellow?

As of 2019, the company printed its last iconic directory, marking a brand new chapter for Yellow

Yellow is synonymous with accuracy, reliability and innovation. Being a leading advertising and marketing company in Malta, it has continuously and consistently presented customers with impressive solutions and good value for money packages. 

As of 2019, the company printed its last iconic directory. This marked a new chapter for Yellow, as it became a fully-fledged digital company. Along with the transformation came a number of new creative products that aimed to unite local businesses, SMEs and customers, together in one easy-to-use and informative space, a factor that has been part of Yellow's mission ever since its conception.

Yellow is an ever-evolving company that frequently launches new and inventive products, making the organisation a leader in the local digital advertising industry.

The newly unveiled products include the leading-edge Yellmarket, promotional banner management on local news portals and hassle-free Facebook boosting campaigns. These products were created not only to increase exposure but also to help businesses communicate with their clients in a concise and to-the-point manner. 

As a digital marketing company, Yellow offers a choice of convenient solutions, which include tailor-designed websites, highly accurate SEO-approved landing pages an fresh eComm platforms for its customers. Visit Yellow's website here for anything you may need.

As part of the Last Book Campaign, Yellow launched a series of competitions, which will be taking place from now till mid-March, all leading up to an exciting great prize. The assortment of prizes includes whirlwind getaways, treat-filled hampers and vouchers. 

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