Five traits your ideal business partner should have

Evaluating a potential business partner's work ethic, values and communication skills, amongst others, is crucial for a fruitful future

There are many reasons as to why you may be looking into bringing a partner into your business. Perhaps your company is growing and feel you could benefit from having another person at the helm to invest financially in your company, offer advice and support. 

It may be the case that you are new to the world of entrepreneurship and feel you may get on better with a more experienced business person by your side. Either way, finding the right person to partner with is crucial for your company. Here are some key points that you should look out for:

Work ethic

Your business partner should be your equal. Therefore, you should find someone who is willing to put in the same amount of work and effort as you. No one wants a business partner who does not pull their weight and yet, takes credit. Look for a person with a proven track record of working hard and pursuing success. If you are inexperienced and require a partner to help find the balance, look for a person who has started and run a successful business in the past.

Similar values

It would be ideal that your partner would be someone who has similar values to yourself, in order to avoid serious clashes about how the company is run. Remember that your partner will need to be on board with any business decisions you make in the future and thus, it is crucial that the person is on the same wavelength as you in terms of values, both in general as well as relating to business. 


The last thing you want is a partner who is not completely honest from the get-go. When getting into business with a person, you may not need them to be open about their personal life, but you should expect to be told things that may affect your business in the long run. A good way to ensure that you are dealing with the person they claim to be is to use Nuwber. Here, you can check any public records, arrest records, criminal records and the like, to ensure that they are not hiding anything significant from you.

Communication skills

While you may require your business partner to have a range of skills that would benefit your business, one of the most important skills to have are communication skills. A good business partner should be a good communicator and this is usually evident in the way that they get their point across in discussions. Do not partner up with someone who doesn't think it is necessary to keep you in the loop. 

Sense of responsibility

Finally, you will want to look for a business partner who has good leadership skills and has what it takes to drive your business towards success by your side. A person who has a strong sense of responsibility and is not afraid to hold themselves accountable and learn from their mistakes if things go wrong, makes for an ideal business partner in any situation.

Choosing a business partner is a big decision, so it's important to keep these traits in mind as you decide who to share your success with.