BT Commercial awarded, Malta’s Best Customer Focus Company of the Year

Malta Best-in Business Awards, by Dynamic Events, awards BT Commercial Ltd with the Best Customer Focus Company of the Year Award

Founders of BT Commercial Oliver Brownrigg, Graziella and their daughter Maya - Photo: ©Dynamic events
Founders of BT Commercial Oliver Brownrigg, Graziella and their daughter Maya - Photo: ©Dynamic events

Malta Best-in Business Awards organised by Dynamic Events has recognised and awarded BT Commercial Ltd with the Best Customer Focus Company of the Year Award. Malta’s Best-in-Business Awards is the only business awards program judged by independent panels of prominent professionals business leaders.

A local company with 30 years of business experience

BT Commercial started off as a small garage operation more than 30 years ago, and is still managed by the founder Oliver Brownrigg and his wife, Graziella.

The business has grown into a group of companies with a multi-million euro turnover. Today its customer base also includes an international clientele.

Leaders in air conditioning industry in Malta

BT Commercial Ltd is the acknowledged leader in the air conditioning segment and is also growing in the export market. BT Commercial Ltd is proud to be associated with renowned global brands in the field of heating, ventilation and environmentally friendly energy solutions such as GREE, ALEO and Bosch. The BT Group is involved in industrial refrigeration sector through a subsidiary company, Refpro Refrigeration Ltd.

BT Group and BT Commercial Ltd are committed to quality, integrity and professionalism and firmly believe that this is the reason for their success. This commitment is beneficial to customers, suppliers, and partners. The group workforce includes more than 70 direct employees and more than 200 subcontractors

Investment of €16,000,000 in new premises in Mriehel

BT Group’s growth and strategic objectives led the board of directors to embark on a significant €16 million investment in new premises, The Watercourse in Mriehel. The new premises achieved a key objective, ensuring an enhanced and improved customer experience. The Watercourse also provides the ideal and comfortable working environment to employees, fulfilling a commitment and a statement in company’s logo, “Life Worth Living”. 

The group’s strategic decision to invest in extensive new premises, housing all Group’s operations was also intended to expand our product offering and enhance our customer service offering. The extensive warehousing facilities now provide the capability to maintain stock levels to always satisfy customer demand, justifiably meeting their expectations.

Continuous training and development – a key element in enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

BT Commercial maintains an ongoing training program of its staff and personnel, in pursuit of a customer centric strategy. Training is targeted to ensure that our technical teams have the required skills and technical knowledge on the continuously emerging and developing new technologies and systems. Moreover, there is also a strong focus on soft skills training and development, ensuring a holistic, satisfactory customer experience.

The company has an ongoing recruitment programme to satisfy growth demands and attract the ambitious and talented individuals who want to be part of a winning team and looking for a rewarding career with a group that has registered impressive results and growth over the years.

The group’s strategic imperative is and will remain its customer-centric focus and will continue to excel in this regard, not only meeting expectations but exceeding customer expectations!

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