How does the Italian Authority of Customs and Monopolies compare with the MGA?

ADM, the main regulatory body created to control and regulate the gambling industry in Italy, compared to the MGA

The first gambling operator was established in 1994 in Liechtenstein under the name of International Lottery in Liechtenstein Foundation (ILLF). This early regulator was created to regulate the online lottery sales in Liechtenstein at that time. Later, several regulatory bodies were launched in other countries, and among them are the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli or Authority of Customs and Monopolies (ADM). 

Concerning MGA, this most respected regulatory entity authority was released to ensure fair and responsible gambling activities not only for the Maltese but also in the world’s remote gambling operators. As for the ADM, this board is the primary regulatory body for the Italian gambling industry. Since both are recognized for maintaining strict rules and effective strategies to make gambling safer, here is the exclusive comparison of these two well-reputed regulators.

The Authority of Customs and Monopolies

Authority of Customs and Monopolies is the main regulatory body created to control and regulate the gambling industry within Italy. This national authority for legal status and regulatory, financial autonomy, administrative, accounting, and patrimonial in 2012. Here are the key functions of this supervisory body in the Italian gambling sector:

- Establish measures for industry development and progression. AD’s main duty is to define measures to enhance and develop the gambling industry. This entity ensures legal and responsible gambling for both the operators and the customers by supervising their behaviour. This regulator makes sure that the gambling operators in this country apply an approach to fight against illegal gambling there.

- Issue licences to Italy-based gambling companies: Apart from regulating the gambling field, AAMS issues licences to casino operators with no ADM and other Italian certificates. With the growth of online gambling activity in Italy, several companies are interested to run their businesses in this area. The authority regulatory is in charge of providing licences but can also cancel licences for the operators who bend the rules.

- Collect gaming taxes: One of the duties that make this board different from others is tax collection. Aside from regulating and issuing licences to the interested operators, ADM is also responsible for collecting taxes associated with gambling in Italy. What’s more, the contribution to domestic tax regulation is also this regulator’s responsibility.

The Malta Gaming Authority

Probably, Malta is the best iGaming destination allowing the global gambling industries and software providers to legally operate. Nonetheless, this gambling growth doesn’t mean that this territory hasn’t established an initiative to protect the gamblers. MGA is the evidence of legal and responsible gambling. This well-known body was set-up when the Maltese Government passed the Lotteries and Other Games Act in 2001. Here are MGA’s responsibilities towards both the licensees and the gamblers:

- Responsible for the governance of all companies under its regulations: MGA’s main responsibility is to regulate the gambling operators under its regulations by ensuring a fair and transparent gambling experience to the customers. The gambling operators and the software providers who hold licences from this regulator must supply a policy to protect the customers from possible gambling-related crimes. If the companies are proven to be inefficient in providing fair and secure gambling to their consumers, their licence will be removed.

- Ensure customers’ data security: Malta Gaming Authority also focuses on protecting the players’ data against cyber attacks from hackers. This Maltese entity ensures that the licensed gambling operators won't misuse their customers’ data by checking if the companies apply effective strategies to protect their players.

Issue licenses: The renowned regulator MGA also issues licences depending on the types of gambling activity that the operators want to operate. Those who want to obtain a licence from this trustworthy entity have to meet some requirements. In fact, MGA provides different licences for the following types of gambling activities:

- Land-based and online casino games, skill games, and online lotteries

- Control skill games like fantasy sports

- Fixed-odds betting, spread betting, and pool betting activities.

- The operators that encourage responsible gaming from Malta.

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