What support does GamStop provide?

GamStop is committed to helping consumers overcome problem gambling, become free from addiction and regain control of their lives again

Properly guided gambling, without doubt, can be a way of lifting your spirits maybe after a bad day at work. As a fun-laden activity, guided gambling has the potential of helping you to deal with the unbearable forces of life. But why did I use phrases and words like “properly guided”, “guided gambling”, “potential”?

The above phrases and words are carefully used to highlight that gambling in itself can be destructive and disastrous if unguided. Many a time the result people get from gambling is mostly never proportionate to their prior and subsequent expectations. This has led to several rejigging of gambling goals, the failure of which usually spells doom for some players.  

This doom is mostly one thing: addiction or problem gambling.

What is GamStop?

GamStop is a non-profit initiative run by The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited, a non-profit organization operating in the United Kingdom. GamStop is committed to helping consumers overcome problem gambling, become free from addiction and regain control of their lives again. This scheme will not block you from casinos not on Gamstop that are present at CasinoGap listing with the best operators in the UK. The initiative is borne out of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission’s (UKGC) dedication for a smooth, responsible, and progressive gambling landscape.

Hence, GamStop helps dissociate and deactivate players from all gambling sites they belong to, with the use of some details. So, as soon as a player grappling with problem gambling decides to activate GamStop, they would supply their relevant information. Such information usually includes the player's name, the email address used to open accounts with gambling sites, and postcode.

You would need to cancel the service yourself after the lapse of your duration, typically 6 months, 1 year or 5 years.

GamStop offers the following support to players:

Practical controls

It would be dishonest for anyone to tell you that you have no role to play in severing ties with gambling. As a matter of fact, trusted friends, relatives and professionals can only give you the prodding. But the decision and ultimate action to put an end to gambling significantly rest on you and you alone.

It is on this basis that practical controls are included on GamStop, and they simply require efforts on your part. The following practical controls are advised by GamStop:

Install software

Some software like ad blockers would help to keep you away from stumbling on gambling adverts online. Such adverts can be seen on every part of the web. Gambling blocking software like Gamban and others you can find on Begambleaware.org would help secure your gadget.

Delete apps and/or unfollow/unsubscribe

Email adverts are not part of what GamStop caters to at the moment. So it is still your duty to unsubscribe from any email adverts or newsletters from gambling companies. In a similar light, all gambling apps on your phone are not needed for the purpose of healing. Thus, they need to be deleted, with their adverts (based on algorithms) blocked as well.

Work with your bank

Your bank can block every gambling-related transaction they notice on your account. This practical step has proven useful to many players. GamCare provides a list of banks that block gambling-related transactions in the UK.

Gambling support

Gambling support relates to proven steps of professional help offered by anti-problem-gambling organizations in the UK and beyond. In essence, these organizations offer useful assistance cutting across all levels of gambling problems. These include:

Phone counselling and advice

You can be advised over the phone on how best to tackle problem gambling. This is facilitated by BeGambleAware.org

Online advice and counselling

Similarly, you can obtain support to resolve your gambling issues online. This would be through a series of strategic online meetings with experts who are determined to help you conquer gambling addiction.

For instance, GamCare offers thoughtful assistance that would liberate you from your situation. BigDeal focuses much of its efforts on young players, seeking to help them overcome their gambling-related difficulties. Gamblers Anonymous and Gambling Therapy also provide a resourceful team of professionals to assist you through your tough gambling help circle.

Rehabilitation from gambling

Where the case is a bit more severe rehabilitation might be resorted to on platforms such as Gordonmoody, National Problem Gambling Clinic or Northern Gambling Service.

Emotional support

Our emotions can form a bedrock for good or bad things to spread all over our lives. GamStop helps you to dissociate and stop yourself from constantly overthinking and regretting your actions relating to gambling. To achieve this, it partners with some other organizations for the following services:

Immediate help

This requires general on-the-spot assessment and intervention to forestall emergencies. You can reach out to Papyrus or Samaritans.

Expert advice

A team of professionals dedicated to eradicating problem gambling can offer properly planned and executed assistance targeted at emotional succour. This is provided by GamCare.

Group support

At Gamblers Anonymous, you would meet with people who also have similar problems with you. You would also meet with people who are overall gambling-related problems, and you could draw some strength from them.

Debt support

Problem gambling can plunge players into huge debts that can’t be paid off easily. In reality, many people have gambled with money meant for more important things and ended up losing. To curb this menace, some organizations offer some assistance. They are as follows:

- National Debtline

- Step Change

- Citizens Advice

- GamCare

Achieving breakthroughs with problem gambling or addiction isn’t impossible. However, you have to admit you have a problem and seek professional help to make it happen. There are a handful of organizations which undertake the duty of assisting players with their problems.

GamStop is one of them, but they can’t possibly do everything satisfactorily. Hence, other organizations mentioned in this post would also be of invaluable assistance in overcoming your problem with gambling.

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