Brushing up on our betting skills for 2021’s big events

Sport has managed to shine throughout most of the pandemic and provide some much needed entertainment

It would be an understatement to say that 2020 has been a tad disappointing. The world events have brought a dark cloud over millions. Throughout most of the pandemic sport has managed to shine through and provide some much needed entertainment.

But with this sport is of course betting. And whilst many have found joy from bets this year, I can guarantee more of you out there have suffered at the hands of the bookies. With 2020 behind us everyone is looking to 2021 for some much needed respite. Both from bookmakers and the pandemic. The questions, where do you start when it comes to brushing up your betting skills to get ready for 2021? Well that's where we come in. We aim to provide you with a guide on how to improve your betting behaviour which will hopefully make for a much more successful betting year come 2021.


When it comes to betting, knowing the way odds work inside out is the first trick. Being able to manipulate odds in your favour and knowing when to use the right risk to reward when it comes to odds is crucial for winning bets. Whilst this is certainly something that needs practice, considering it and implementing ways to improve your thinking towards odds is the first step towards brushing up your betting skills. This means knowing what company is giving the best odds for each selection, working out what's the best bang for your buck and striking the fine balance between realistic outcome and worth of bet. By implementing these 3 factors into a checklist you are sure to use the odds in a much more efficient way and hopefully be able to use odds in your favour next time you go to bet.

Type of selection

Betting is all about predicting outcomes successfully. But what many fail to utilise is the hugely extensive betting market which is open to punters nowadays. Long gone are the days of just sticking on a match betting on an 8 fold coupon from the top tier of English football. Now the sports betting market, and in particular the football betting market, is extensive to say the least, with all manor of best to choose from and guide to help, such as tips with btts bets. You can now bet on anything in the game from cards in a specific ⅙ of the game to the Estonian Second Division. Knowing that these markets are open to you is important as by exploiting the niche markets and obscure leagues you open yourself up to better bang for your buck alongside some extra stability or predictability in your betting and after all that the best way to sting the bookies and take home some profit.


Undoubtedly the best way to brush up on your betting mskills is by taking it seriously and putting some time into it. This means researching the sport. When it comes to football there are a lot of free online tipsters who offer to do this for you but if you want to become a truly good gambler yourself you are going to have to put the graft in. This means research performances, form and history alongside current conditions and situations to provide yourself with the best chance at taking home some money.

Control your emotions

It's important to keep the head when betting. This means not betting on your own team as complete outsiders just because you passionately follow them, this is not a good idea. On top of this, when it comes to in-play betting you need to be sure of your decisions or be watching the game to have an idea about how it is going. The amount of times I’ve heard of people cashing out too early and losing out on serious sums of money because they didn’t have the bottle or emotional fortitude to take the bet further. Know that when you put that bet on you could be in for an emotional rollercoaster. By managing this better you are bound to by proxy brush up on your betting skills and be ready to hit 2021’s big events ground running.

Gamble safely

It really is important whilst you are brushing up your skills or just polishing off your gambling skills to remember that betting should be fun. Sports betting, especially on football, is about adding a little bit extra spice to boring games or an added entertainment value to games come Saturday. Keep it fun and only gamble reasonable amounts of money, it is a hobby don’t make it an addiction.

Using these tips should help you to brush up your betting skills and make you ready for the 2021 big events. Lets just hope there's a return to normality and you can win a few bets to fund the celebratory parties.


This post was contributed by Samantha Pierrie and published in accordance with our disclosure policy.