New UKGC decisions on slot games

'These steps will help reduce the time and money that gamblers spend. And will also provide more protection and support for people exposed to gambling addiction'

The UKGC is one of the strictest committees in terms of controlling online gambling portals. And it has a well-known reputation among players because it takes their protection into full account.

It is obvious that the UKGC raises its standards from time to time. In late 2020, it announced a set of strict decisions to regulate and legalize online gambling. The committee took these decisions considering studies conducted over the past years on "making online games safe for gambling addicts".

Since slots are the preferred and most popular type of gambling games. Committee teams have made every effort to review and verify them.

The new committee regulations aim to reduce the "speed of play". Because it pushes players to gamble with more money, which opens the door to ideas that boost addiction. Such as chasing losses or getting a win that will compensate for all past losses!

While the committee decided to ban elements that speed up the playing pace such as AutoPlay. In addition to the visual graphics that make losses seem like winnings such as Wild and Scatter symbols and free spins.

The UKGC's decisions

Beginning on October 31, the commission issued a report to all online casinos stating the following:

●     Make the spin’s duration of 2.5 seconds.

●     Abolish the auto-play.

●     Cancel the quick-spin.

●     Stop the visual and sound effects that make losses look like wins.

In the same statement, the committee pointed to the need to cancel the auto-play and quick-spin features. Because slots carry higher average losses than any other online gambling products. So, these elements cause more losses to players.

In addition, the committee stated the need of presenting the total losses and wins of the players during the session. While the casinos were present the results of previous spins only.

What should casinos and gaming studios do?

According to, casinos are likely to circumvent this ban by offering free spins to players on various occasions. However, game providers will be forced to modify all slot games that contain bonus rounds.

It is worth mentioning that no licensed casino can oppose this decision! As the UKGC imposes huge fines and threatens to cancel the license if the casino objects to the decisions.

Ban reverse withdrawals function

In addition to the changes to slots, the commission has also passed a decision to ban "reverse withdrawals".

This function allows players to re-bet using money they previously requested to withdraw; This is because there are a lot of online casinos that slow down the withdrawals process. So, that players fall into the temptation and re-gamble with that money, then lose it! And thus, make a new deposit!

UKGC chief executive Neil MacArthur said. “The committee had taken drastic decisions to raise industry standards. And preserve players' interests by banning features that allure them for gambling with more money. After many studies concluded that a player loses control over his playing because of these elements. The UK committee is working day and night to ensure that players have a safe gaming experience. So, we have banned features that make games faster and delude players that they are in control of the results".

"In addition, we have banned auto play function, and other elements that make losses appear as if they are gains. Also, we have decided to reduce the spin speed to 2.5 seconds. There is a lot of proofs that these elements have increased players’ losses in the long run. So, these steps are very important to make online gambling a safer leisure activity. And whenever we find a chance to apply this concept, we will do!”.

The DCMS praises the decisions

The British Ministry of Culture and Sport (DCMS) approved these decisions. Also, it described the committee as "a program based on scientific studies to make gambling pleasure activity free from addiction".

The ministry also praised these measures aimed at "eliminate the careless practices of casinos and gaming companies."

In this regard, Minister of Sports, Nigel Huddleston said. "These steps will help reduce the time and money that gamblers spend. And will also provide more protection and support for people exposed to gambling addiction. So, I very much welcome these actions and I am ready to take more decisions to protect British players.”.