Truths and myths about independent online casinos

We're taking a look at the differences, advantages and drawbacks 

It’s interesting to compare the UKGC online casinos with those that choose to operate as independent online casinos. There are some true and false facts about both, so let's look at the differences, advantages and drawbacks of these two types of spots.

One of the main myths some users believe is that independent casinos do not protect their customers. However, this is unlikely because even if an online operator does not have a UKGC license, it still has a license from another body that monitors and supervises the site.

Another reason why some players prefer independent casinos is that they believe that such casinos are more responsible for what happens. However, how responsible an operator is depends not on the licence, but on his own attitude towards his customers.

Freedom to choose: keep gambling or refrain?

Of course, people who choose independent online casinos realise that they can exclude themselves if their gambling starts to cause problems. On the other hand, even banned individuals find many ways around the scheme and start gambling again.

Many users argue that non-UKGC operators are much more convenient because they do not require customers to go through numerous KYC procedures before allowing them to start playing on the platform. In some ways, non-UKGC sites save you time and help you avoid time-consuming compliance procedures.

The truth is that more experienced gamblers will prefer casinos without a UKGC licence. According to Supanet, UK residents tend to register with EU casinos because European operators accept UK customers. EU establishments offer payouts in euros and US dollars, but that's not the only difference - European casinos have a slightly different range as well.

Professionals point out that independent sites only attract players because these operators must comply with strict requirements set by the UK Gambling Authority. This is indeed the case. However, operators that are not part of the UKGC do everything possible to protect the personal data of their customers and users - they use the latest encryption technology to ensure that personal data is not accessible to third parties.

Testing and approval of online operators

The fairness and honesty of online casino gambling is verified. The Commissions use RNG to check whether a site is fair and honest. Whether you decide to sign up for a non-UKGC site or settle on a UK-licensed casino, you can always check the information pertaining to this issue with both types of providers.

There is no need to be afraid of independent online casinos. The choice is yours. Beginning players should remember that not all sites they find and visit are legitimate, so users should be careful. It is not true that absolutely all operators that are not part of the UKGC are illegal. This is just a myth, which is easily dispelled. Gamblers can check this information by visiting the relevant page of the casino website to find out what licensing and certification the platform has received.