Five credit cards with crypto rewards

If you want to join the crypto bandwagon or you want to grow a stash of rewards, earning crypto reward with credit card spending is a low-risk system you can use to achieve that

Crypto credit cards are the new thing in the crypto industry but not all earn the same rewards or the same way. These credit cards allow users to earn cryptocurrency directly or through spending and converting rewards to crypto.

If you want to join the crypto bandwagon or you want to grow a stash of rewards, earning crypto reward with credit card spending is a low-risk system you can use to achieve that. We’re going to talk about 5 credit cards with which you can earn crypto rewards that are available or would be coming up soon. Get more information about them

Credit cards that earn Crypto

  • Brex Card
  • Unifimoney Visa Credit Card
  • SoFi Credit Card
  • Gemini Credit Card
  • BlockFi Bitcoin Reward Credit Card

Brex Cards

You can get 30000 points after spending over $3000 or 50000 points when you spend $10000 on this card in the first 30 days. This card offers a credit limit 10-20x higher than traditional small business corporate cards and you earn other itty bits of rewards here and there when you spend certain amounts.

Users get 1 point for every $1 they spend using this card and if they make it their official card, they can earn higher rates through exclusive reward programs which include

1 point per dollar on all purchases

2 points per dollar on recurring software expenses

3 points per dollar in restaurants and on Apple Products

4 points per dollar on travel booked through Brex Portal

7 points per dollar spent on rideshares and taxis

You can redeem this Brex card for cryptocurrency mainly bitcoin and ethereum. The redemption rates see users who get 100 points earn 70 cents worth of crypto. You can exchange the reward on coinbase and also redeem points for gift cards, statement credit or travel.

Unifimoney Visa credit card

The details of the Unifimoney cards are not too clear at the moment. The company hasn’t put out any word regarding the annual fee, sign-up bonus or rewards rate. However, they are expected to open in the fall of 2021 and cardholders can start earning rewards in bitcoin, gold or equity.

People can pre-order their card from the Unifimoney website by signing up.

SoFi credit card

SoFi cardholders can earn as much as $100 when they open and fund their SoFi Money or SoFi investment account after getting approved for the SoFi Credit Card. You will earn 2% unlimited cash back on eligible purchases when you redeem your card towards saving, paying down on loans and investing with SoFi.

You are rewarded with 2 SoFi Reward points per $1 spent which you can redeem at a value of 1 cent each when you deposit them into your SoFi accounts. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the only acceptable crypto redemption options of these crypto credit cards.

Gemini credit card

Gemini Cards are one of those cards that offer no sign-up bonuses. With this card you can earn 3% back on dining, 2% back on groceries, and 1% back on all other purchases.  You can earn the reward on this card automatically. They are available in bitcoin and over 30 other crypto coins. The card is expected to launch next month so applicants can add their names to a waitlist.

BlockFi Bitcoin reward credit card

Users get to earn 1,5% cash back on purchases with this credit card which is converted into bitcoin and held in the user’s BlockFi account. Cardholders will receive a 2% rewards rate on spending over $50000 in a year. You can earn a signup bonus of a 3.5% bitcoin rewards rate for the first 90 days. Unlike other credit cards, this will earn you crypto as your default reward option. You can join a waitlist of people to receive this card.

These are the best 5 credit cards that will offer you crypto rewards. You can redeem these cards and start cashing out your bonuses.