Revpanda signs a content deal with

This new deal will allow Betpack will continue to fascinate visitors with high-quality sports coverage

Revpanda, the leader in digital marketing, clinched a content deal with Betpack announced recently. The companies have agreed to the terms of one of the biggest deals of its kind, which will see Revpanda take over the content requirements of their client, This deal is one of the biggest challenges for Revpanda. Yet the company feels equal to the task, having honed its skills in providing quality coverage of what platforms like Betpack feature.  

The deal represents a victory for as it has been on the lookout for industry experts with a record of helping brands stamp a strong presence online. They couldn’t have chosen better, seeing that Revpanda is always ready to provide their clients with exactly what they need to dominate their industry. 

Following this deal, will continue to lay out its expectations in the coming weeks and months. Revpanda will, in turn, develop an action plan for every requirement to deliver what the company expects.

About Revpanda

Revpanda is a group of digital marketing specialists headquartered in Riga, Latvia. The award-winning company specializes in SEO, translation, content writing, web design, web development, social media campaigns, and PPC services. Using these services, the company helps brands all over the world to establish a strong presence online.  

Revpanda’s services are a go-to for any brand out there looking for a marketing agency with the ability to deliver measurable results. And in addition to their primary services, Revpanda also runs a blog section on their platform. Here, prospects can find digital marketing tips while they peek at what Revpanda is all about.

As for what inspired Revpanda to excel in this field, the founders realized that businesses needed digital marketing services now more than ever. Think about it. In this day and age, every brand needs to establish a strong presence online to gain an edge.

About Betpack

Betpack is a platform dedicated to helping the modern punter find the best bookmakers and betting offers. Visitors can also sieve out bookmakers based on the platform they intend to use or payment methods such as Paypal, Bitcoin, Neteller, and Apple Pay. 

With the best interests of their visitors at heart, Betpack also provides betting tips with the help of their tipsters. In addition, Betpack vets betting sites based on criteria such as valid licensing, the diversity of the sports to wager on, mobile compatibility, and safety in terms of whether the site uses the latest data encryption methods.

As well as helping gamblers to find the best bookmakers and offers, Betpack also runs a news section. Here, players can keep track of all the latest developments in the sports betting industry as they happen.  

With the new deal with Revpanda, Betpack will continue to fascinate visitors with high-quality sports coverage. That makes the platform the perfect all-around companion for a punter looking for top-tier information and tips before placing a bet.