Why Do Porcelain Lamina Veneers cost so much?

Understand why porcelain lamina veneers cost, why they are priced that much, and the different factors to be considered in summing up its worth

Porcelain lamina veneers costs appear to be much higher in the dental market than resin composite veneers, which are also a famous brand in use.

This is because porcelain lamina veneers have specific characteristics that make them stand out and offer them an edge over other brands that are also concerned with improving the appearance of the teeth.

Self-consciousness is an inherent nature present in every human, and people who have a slight dent in the colour, shape, or positioning of their teeth are always more aware of their looks, especially when they have to smile. One element that boosts a person's confidence about smiling is their perfectly aligned teeth.

When that is not in place, they will search for dental procedures to adjust their looks, and it is always worth it in the end. If you have a malformed or discoloured tooth, all of these can be improved with porcelain lamina veneers without breaking your bank.

What are Porcelain Lamina Veneers?

Porcelain lamina veneers are veneers fixed on the tooth to improve how a person's teeth appear. It is customised to fit into the teeth of the person who needs it.

These veneers provide lasting solutions to damages to a person's dentition. Many people who have tried other options before without positive results have yielded to using porcelain lamina veneers because it always gives the desired results. You also contact Dentakay to get more deep information about the procedures.

Porcelain veneers can be placed on the top or side of the teeth. Before it is installed, the dentist removes a part of the enamel from the tooth to create a strong bond between the enamel and porcelain and make the process irreversible. Instead of improving your tooth's structure or preventing its further deterioration, you will always have to wear the veneer as protection once you get one done.

It is much preferred among patients with tooth issues because their colours are just like the natural teeth, but as it is custom made, you can opt for a whiter version of what you see as you want it. A benefit of porcelain lamina veneers is their thickness, so wearing out quickly is entirely out of the question.

Porcelain Lamina Veneer Procedure and Care

The first time you visit your dentist to begin installation procedures, he will create a mold of your affected tooth shape to have your veneer customised to fit your tooth. You can have access to temporary fits by your dentist before your original veneers are ready, and when they are ready, you will test them to be sure they fit perfectly and it is your desired color.

When your porcelain lamina veneer is fixed, you have to be careful in eating foods that stain your teeth. Practice proper oral hygiene, and abstain from activities that will stress your teeth to increase their durability

How Much Do Porcelain Lamina Veneers Cost?

Porcelain lamina veneers cost varies depending on the material in use for production. An average cost price is between $150 and $330 per tooth, which may be considered on the high side. Apart from the materials for use, you must note that the installation process for the veneers is entirely different from other veneer types, a notable one being resin composite veneers.

The durability of porcelain lamina veneers cannot be compared to resin composite veneers, as porcelain lamina veneers will still be in use for as long as ten years after resin composite veneers wear out. This high quality justifies the price. You can also get the porcelain lamina veneers in bulk; these sets of different numbers also lessen the price. A set of six can be gotten for a worth of $10,800 to $15,000, while a set of eight costs between $14,400 and $20,000.

While these prices may appear way out of your budget, it is essential to discuss different ways you can finance your dental procedures with your dentist. Once porcelain lamina veneers are installed, all you need to do is maintain your proper oral hygiene, you may not need to replace them ever again.

Factors that Influence Porcelain Lamina Veneers Cost

There are so many factors that affect porcelain lamina veneers cost. They include:

  • The dental installation procedure comes with a fee.
  • The present nature of the patient's teeth and gum is considered.
  • The number of veneers installed is determined by the number of teeth that need treatment; affecting the cost.
  • Patients whose gums require treatment before installation would pay for that too.
  • Charge based on the location of the dental clinic is considered.
  • The type of veneer in use.
  • The type of dental/health insurance in place.

Why Are Porcelain Lamina Veneers This Expensive?

You may be worried about your appearance and want to improve your outlook, but the price for these veneers have proven discouraging; cost should not scare you; the quality is worth more than the quantity. 

When you experience the veneers from use, you will understand and appreciate its price. Porcelain lamina veneers are made with quality materials to ensure they are durable. They can last for as long as 30 years. They are also customised to precisely suit your teeth, which adds to the price.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Porcelain Lamina Veneers? 

Insurance majorly covers necessary health procedures, and these veneers are considered a cosmetic procedure; hence, most insurance does not cover their cost. If your insurance has no provision for veneer installation, there are other financing options to try out. You can work with your dentist on a dental savings plan and take an advantaged loan with discounts. Dental clinics also offer payment plans to cut costs on these veneers; you can benefit from that. A wise option also includes spreading the cost over the long term to make your dream of better teeth and a charming smile.