The edge of Brite payment: digital wallet makes casino payments easier for players

Brite is one of the best payment schemes, designed by the same people who developed Trustly and Klarna applications

All online casinos offer flexible systems in terms of payment matters and banking options compared to brick-and-mortar casinos. One of the methods that an online casino offer is an instant payment scheme. This type of option is created to simplify the lives of the user because it can be used in various forms such as payment for goods, stakes, and others.

What is a Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet also commonly called an “e-wallet” is an electronic device whose service is to make electronic monetary transactions from the user to be used in purchasing goods, paying bills, or stakes. It is also used to store monetary history transactions of the user for them to monitor their expenses. E-wallets are perfectly safe, efficient, and convenient.

Brite is one of the best payment schemes which is also another form of a digital wallet. This type of e-wallet is new and the people behind it are the same group who created and developed Trustly, and Klarna Applications which gives us an assurance that this type of payment mode is trustworthy and efficient. Brite AB is a second-generation payment solution wherein its headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden was introduced in May 2020. This company obtained a license from Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) and operates here as well.

Brite AB is functional in European countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands, and Finland. There are some plans for expansion in the future but since Brite is still a newfangled fintech company, it still has to be established given its vast functionality, and there is a greater chance that it will diversify.

Currently, a small number of banks are connected with Brite AB and it works the same way as other instant payment methods.

Brite AB is available in the following banks:

  • S Bank
  • Aktia
  • My Savings Bank
  • Cooperative Bank
  • POP Bank
  • Nordea
  • Bank of Alan
  • Danske Bank

Brite payment method for online casino

Some casino sites accept Brite as a payment scheme because of its swift monetary transactions which makes it easier for both the player and the casino site. Brite casinos usually offer this method without registration which means players can automatically start playing using Brite without undergoing the registration process at the casino site. It comes in handy because if the player is using any of the banks mentioned and has a Brite application then the player can instantly place a bet in less than 5 minutes.

Additional information about Brite casino:

  • Brite charges a little amount each time we deposit money as a service charge.
  • Pay n Play offers a number of gambling games.


  • Fast and efficient transactions (withdrawals and deposits).
  • Players can automatically play.
  • Brite casino offers various games.


  • Only a few banks offer the Brite payment methods.
  • Limited location.
  •  It is not unique.


The Brite payment scheme is still new in the industry but it shows potential. As long as its service remains excellent and maintains its flexibility there’s a big possibility that the company will establish its own identity and thrive.