Why are MGA-licensed online casinos the top choice for Finnish players?

While the Finnish people are known for their flair and serenity, the nation is among the top gamblers in the world. With over 41% of the adult population getting their gambling thrills weekly, players seek the best casinos online, contributing strongly to MGA-licensed casinos

MGA-licensed casinos are so popular among the Finns, that many affiliate websites are focusing all their informational content on those game-loving folks.

These websites guide Finnish casino players towards safe and responsible casinos and help them avoid non-EU-licensed operators. A good example of this is Turvallisetkasinot.com, which features only reputable and tested platforms to ensure player safety.

Strict rules for operators mean safety for the players

Being one of the strictest – if not the strictest – licensing authority, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) enjoys popularity among Finnish players because it creates a feeling of safety. All reputable iGaming companies have obtained the MGA licence. 

MGA not only requires conformity from the casinos applying for the licence, but also sees to it that any disputes between the casino platform and the player will get solved, as responsible gaming is at the core of its operation.

The constant monitoring of the licensed casinos is transparent, as the Authority keeps an enforcement register for anyone to familiarise with. The register features those operators whose licences have been suspended or cancelled due to violations.

MGA licence ensures tax-free payouts

While Finns are seeking security from their casinos of choice, another thing contributing to the appreciation of the MGA licence is the tax-free pay-outs. As Malta resides within the European Union, the free movement of capital is granted as one of the four fundamental freedoms of the EU single market. 

The same does not apply for casinos outside of the border such as the popular casinos in Curaçao, which do not fall within the free movement treaty. For the Finnish players it is therefore more reasonable to stick to the casinos with an MGA licence that guarantees the pay-outs in full without tax deductions.

Welcome offers and loyalty bonuses makes MGA-licensed casinos attractive

In contrast to Finland's gambling monopoly, MGA-licensed operators give out generous bonuses for players. The Malta-based casinos often offer better odds for sports betting, making them a more lucrative choice than the national operator. 

Together with the tax-free wins, it’s no wonder that most of the Finnish people are choosing an MGA-licensed casino as their go-to option.

Finnish gaming professionals living in Malta

Finally, it’s the elven-like language that you might have heard spoken in the streets of Malta as well. Finnish people are keen on their mother tongue, and they appreciate customer service that is provided by a fellow native Finn. 

Malta has attracted a respectable number of Finns to work in the iGaming industry, which is visible in the vast range of casinos providing full customer service in Finnish. The Finnish workforce has also influenced the gaming platforms to respond to the preferences of those northern lads and lasses. 

There are a lot of job openings for Finnish iGaming professionals at the moment and new talent is recruited all the time.

Rational and security-oriented people respect the MGA’s hard work in keeping its licensed casinos safe for players.

Disclaimer: Play responsibly. For help, visit www.rgf.org.mt. Players must be over 18.