Casino lingo: the essential glossary of gambling terms slang

Playing can become quite overwhelming when you seem unfamiliar with gambling terminologies

Upon entering any casino or free pokies machines to gamble, you hear various gambling terms on the gaming floor. Playing процесс can be quite challenging without understanding these terms, so it is important familiarise yourself with gambling words.

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Casino terms and phrases: Popular casino slang among players

For some people, visiting casino sites at first could be scary. There are new activities and games, and you could be concerned about coming out poorly in front of others. There is nothing to worry about, and users can better understand that they are experienced players by getting familiar with gambling terms for winning.

👑 Aggregate Limit   

Maximum payout any casino can pay on every round played

⏳ Action

Term dealers use to notify players that it is their turn to make the decision

💰 Banker

This is an appointed official by casinos that all other players compete against at their casino table


An amount of money set aside by gamblers for all their gambling activities

💳 Cage

Used in a craps game, it is a metal hourglass used to hold dice before they are rolled

👓 Roll

It is the amount of money set aside by players for all their gambling activities

💎 Wad

Money available for participating in casino activities


  • Buy-in: Casino token equivalent, or chips, must be exchanged for cash when initially sitting down to gamble at the casino table. Buy-in is the total sum that is invested. The entry fee for poker tournaments is known as the buy-in.
  • Cash bonus: An amount of money from casinos and added to your bankroll. Players must fulfill certain requirements before they can withdraw winnings earned through this bonus.
  • Card washing: this occurs when dealers distribute and mix cards before shuffling them. This gambling lingo from casino terminology is hardly used because most tables in contemporary casinos have automatic shuffling machines to save time.
  • Casino advantage: Modest statistical edge that casinos have over you in every gaming session. Blackjack reduces their average casino advantage from free pokies online no downloads, which is roughly 5%, to about 0.20%. Every game will have a unique casino edge, yet the house always wins due to this advantage.
  • Casino Tournament: any tournament that takes place in a traditional casino or an online casino.
  • Chips: Gamblers at casinos use chips as their form of payment. Tokens used in playing casino table games are called chips, and they come in various denominations and colours.
  • Credit: Certain casinos express bets as credits. In most cases, one credit is equivalent to one local currency unit for players.
  • Croupier: French term to describe a casino worker assigned to a gambling table, who helps with gameplay, takes bets, and pays them.
  • Dealer: Another word for croupier.
  • Down for the felt: Gambling lingo used when a player has no chips left at the casino table.
  • High roller: sometimes known as a whale, is a gambler who frequently places significant bets. High rollers frequently receive lavish "comps" from casinos to entice them onto the gaming floors, including complimentary limousine service, private jet transfers, and usage of the nicest suites.
  • House edge: The probability that casinos will make money is computed as the projected player loss divided by their initial wager.
  • Hot table: when players who place good bets usually win.
  • No deposit bonus: reward offer is given to players at a casino site without needing them to deposit any money into the casino before claiming it. In the popular no download free pokies, you can also enjoy this feature.
  • Pit boss: The person in charge of the staff who operates in a casino pit is known as the pit boss, and they are sometimes known as the pit manager in modern parlance. The responsibility of the pit boss is to oversee the floormen, who look after the casino's table game dealers.
  • Paytable: refers to a chart that describes its payout structure for every possible winning hand combination.
  • Re-bet: It refers to a wager with the same stake used in its previous game.
  • Reload bonus: A reload bonus is a reward offered for subsequent deposits, and it comes mostly in the form of cash.

Slot machine terms

Slots and free no download pokies are straightforward, fairly simple games; this is a significant part of their gameplay, but still have a lot of intricate details. We are here to assist with our guide to slot machine terms.

  • Autoplay: This feature enables you to place bets and spin numbers, and the machine will automatically complete them. There is also the chance to cancel this feature after any round. When you play pokies online for free with no download, no registration and instant option allows you to try your hand before depositing real money.
  • Bet Max (Maximum Bet/Max Bet): The highest or lowest coin denomination with all paylines activated. This is the maximum or minimum wager that may be made on a slot machine.
  • Bonus: Refers to free spins, extra wilds, or another significant win potential that players are rewarded with when playing.
  • Classic slots (Fruit Machine): This is a machine with 3 reels and a couple of paylines that mostly make use of vintage symbols such as 7s, bells, fruits, and bars.
  • Cold: It is slang for a slot that has been on a terrible streak or does not pay well.
  • Flat top: a slot machine that offers a set jackpot rather than its progressive payout.
  • Free spins: This is an opportunity when players can spin the machine without risking their cash.
  • Payout percentage (RTP): This is the percentage of the accumulated amount staked that its slot machine pays out to players, calculated over many spins.
  • Progressive jackpot: The top prize on its progressive jackpot slot increases with each spin until someone wins. These rewards frequently exceed one hundred thousand dollars.
  • Progressive slots: Slot machines classified as "progressive slots" have enormous bonus payouts that keep becoming bigger with each spin of reels. It's hardly surprising that "progressives" are the most played slot machine category at online casinos, given that jackpots may reach millions of pounds. A particular part of each player's wager sum is added to its jackpot payout, and one lucky player gets to win the full price.
  • Odds: This measures the probability of a specific outcome set by a sportsbook.
  • Multiple free spins: refers to different slot machine spins that players can enjoy without risking their own money.
  • Payline: The locations where its winning combination is formed by matching symbols. Paylines used to be true straight lines, but most contemporary online slots now have more paylines than that.
  • Provider: refers to the software company responsible for developing various casino games.
  • Pokies: Gambling slang describes the Australian word for slot machines, a gambling device that offers users a game of chance. Free online pokies Australia no download by trusted providers such as: IGT, Bally, Microgaming are especially popular among gamers.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG): This software module is responsible for determining when a winning combination lands. Instead of being mechanical, today's video slots are powered by computer programs that produce lengthy strings of random numbers, some of which correlate to lucrative symbols.
  • Reel: The spinning element of a slot machine that contains various symbols. After wagering, players spin reels and wait to see where it stops to determine whether or not they won.
  • Multiplier: A wild card that increases a player's payout when used to make a winning combination.
  • Extra features: describe the various bonuses a game offers players and give gamblers higher payouts.
  • Scatter symbol: These are unique bonus symbols displayed in its game's paytable.
  • Free credits: These are bonuses given to punters that allow wagers without risking their own money.
  • Instant play: This betting system allows punters to bet on instant games and receive immediate results. Instant play is one of the key features of the best Australian online pokies for free, which you can try in such games as: Buffalo, 5 Dragons, Dragon Link, etc.
  • Staggered payout: This refers to a paytable that offers high-roller slot players more payouts.
  • Symbols: are letters, numbers, or pictures displayed on a slot machine that determine winning combinations.
  • Volatility: also referred to as variance, can be high, low, or medium in a slot machine game. Slot machines with low volatility are regarded as low-risk since they frequently pay out, but payouts are for lower jackpots. Contrarily, highly volatile slots provide large payouts but increase your chance of losing everything.
  • 3 Reels: refers to a classic layout for slot machines with just three spinning reels.
  • Wild symbol: This is used to describe a symbol that can replace any other symbol on slot reels.

Funny gambling terms: Casino slang words

Using this colloquial phrase or slang reveals its player's level of expertise in the gaming industry. The casino terminology and nicknames used in other countries for the same thing are often derived from the daily lives of local players. Below are some funny gambling terms to note.



💣86'd (Eighty- Sixed)        

This term describes gamblers that a gambling site has banned for foul play or any other form of cheating.


When you or another person is having a problem with someone in particular. In other words, it serves to clarify that two parties do not get along and are not on speaking terms.

💦Eye in the Sky                    

Casino closed circuit cameras, and other business security cameras are referred to as "the eye in the sky." They are placed in the casino to keep a tight eye on the chairs, tables, corridors, eateries, and even the elevators.

👑Card Washing  

All of the cards in the deck are piled face-down on the table and mixed together using this method of card randomization. When a deck is changed, the dealer normally cleans the deck.

🎁Barber Pole

The disparaging term "barber pole" is used in the context of craps to describe the mixing of "gaming cheques of different denominations." The highest denomination should be at the bottom of any wagers that include several currencies.

Gambling Jargon for cash & bets

Most gamblers are quite superstitious, although you might not seem to know this fact. When gaming, the majority of them always have lucky charms with them. Some people's fear of ill luck has led them to refer to luck in gambling by various terms such as "Dame Fortune," "Lady Luck," and lots more. 

All players concur that the "beginner's luck" period, when new gamblers win, is the optimum time to play. If not well versed in these terms, then have nothing to worry about, as we provide some gambling jargon for "cash" and "bets."

  • White meat: Slang for pure gaming gain in the gambling environment is "white meat." The phrase is interchangeable with net winnings.
  • Sawbuck: This is mostly used in casinos to refer to a $10 bill. Although it is commonly used for dollar bills, you can also use it to describe other denominations of similar value.
  • Half-a-dollar: This indicates that the dealer will keep the other half of your wager while you retain the first half.
  • Buck means: it frequently means a wager that is 100 times larger than a real dollar. A "buck" bet on a game entails a minimum wager of $100.
  • Nickel means: "nickel" and is sometimes used to describe its wager size, which is 10,000 times larger than an actual nickel. A "nickel" wager on a game amounts to a $500 wager.

Interesting slang for gambling players

If you are newbies or want to broaden your knowledge about many terms and slang used in the casino world, here is a comprehensive list of common slang when gambling online or at a traditional casino.

  • Down to the Felt: Used to describe a gambler whose bankroll is empty or out of money.
  • Fish: an unskilled gambler who loses everything because of his careless play style.
  • Flea/Sponger: punter who strives to receive the most bonuses for minimal wagers.
  • George: This is the dealer's most preferred punter who provides massive tips to enjoy their gameplay.
  • Longshot: used to describe the competition's or game's least possible winner 
  • Mechanic: Casino trickster who manipulates objects to increase their chances of winning in card or dice games.
  • Pigeon: players whose gameplay does not display enough finesse and sophistication that a learned player should exhibit.
  • Ploppy: The term refers to players who play poorly but tends to offer advice to more experienced gamblers.
  • Pro/Professional: These are gamblers known to earn a living only through betting and gambling.
  • Puppy/Underdog: players have a high chance of losing when gambling.
  • Railbird: a person who loiters at a poker room, either to watch the games or to participate.
  • Rathole: This slang describes a punter who hides his chips secretly to prevent others from seeing how much he has won.
  • Scalper: punters who bet on every participant in a game to profit from the difference in odds between different bookies.
  • Shark or Sharp: gamblers with a high skill level who conceal their skills at the start of the game. Frequently play the fool and lose until they figure out the tells and bluffs of their opponents.
  • Whale: the high-stakes player who wagers with massive amounts of cash while playing the game.

Poker glossary & definition

Have you ever wondered what poker terms need to remember? Poker terms refer to gambling words commonly used at poker tables, which help improve your game’s knowledge. Many people don't seem to understand most poker terms, making them look inexperienced among other players. Understanding these terms can go a long way in helping your gameplay. Here is our top list of poker glossaries to make the game more enjoyable.

  • Ante: is the amount of money that each player must wager to participate in a gambling game..
  • All-in: refers to a situation in which all of its players' chips are placed in the center of the table. It can happen when placing a bet or calling a wager from another player.
  • Backdoor: While playing poker, this term is used to refer to a situation in which there is a need for players to catch an extra two cards to make a hand. It can also mean making a hand with cards on both the river and the turn.
  • Bad beat: It describes a poker hand being beaten by an even higher-ranking hand while playing. It is mostly used when a gambler beats one with a stronger hand due to a poor call made by their opponent.
  • Big blind: a seat at the table to the immediate left of the tiny blind. Preflop big blind payout is paid for this position. It is the greater of two compulsory wagers in a specific type of poker.
  • Board: the set of community cards when playing a community card game. 
  • Bubble: When players are eliminated at this competition stage, they do not get any winnings. Surviving players will remove something from the game's tableau.
  • Button: The dealer position, or the position whose turn to wager comes last, is frequently referred to as its "button." In poker, being "on the button" is the best and most lucrative position.
  • Flop: In community card poker variations like Omaha and Hold 'em, the flop is the second betting round. All players may use three cards dealt face up in the middle of the table on the flop combined with their hole cards to create a five-card hand.
  • Flush: This refers to a poker hand made of 5 cards, all having a similar suit or symbol. They are mid-range poker hands in terms of their strength. But, they can still secure a win.

Common casino phrases: Gambling glossary

You tend to hear certain terms or gambling phrases among other players playing various casino games. Without a proper understanding of these phrases, it is challenging to relate well. The need to be conversant with these phrases cannot be overemphasized. Below are some popular casino phrases you might encounter when gambling.

  • Aggregate Winnings: Gambling phrase commonly used at traditional or online casinos to describe the total amount of money punters have made after a gaming session. It is mostly used by gamblers who share money earned during playtime.
  • All or Nothing: This can be seen in keno as it denotes situations in which players have two ways to win. In this game, the ticket is successful only on two occasions, when all numbers selected by each gambler are all drawn, or none of those numbers are drawn. Players get to choose from several variations of games.
  • Black Book: a term that describes a list of punters who are no longer welcome at gambling sites and can't enter to play any casino game. A gaming control board can generate this list. Punters are commonly listed in the black book because they have cheated or attempted to cheat.
  • Balance: Term that is frequently used to refer to the quantity of money that is currently in your account. In the context of both online and physical casinos, it alludes to the funds available for wagering.. 
  • Bet: It means to risk or gamble something of value against the outcome of an event. This is a contract between two individuals in which the one who loses agrees to pay the winner a specific amount if the event's outcome is accurately predicted.
  • Blinds: are forced wagers placed by gamblers to the left of the dealer's button in a flop-style poker game, and they are usually in multiples of two, but they can also range between 0 and 3.
  • Deposit: It refers to placing funds into your casino account, whether at a land-based or an online casino. For traditional casinos, deposits are made at the cashier cage, while for online casinos, players can use various payment options to deposit.
  • Jackpot: This describes the largest prize reward a casino game can offer its participants. Although it can be used when referring to rewards obtained in several games, it is mostly used by Australian free pokies gamblers.
  • Column Bet: sometimes known as "due column betting," is a fixed-profit betting method in which a bettor ups his stake after each successive defeat on a single proposition. This strategy requires the gambler to set a profit goal before placing his bets..
  • Coat-tail: The word "coat-tail" is most frequently used in land-based casinos to describe someone who is betting the same numbers as the player who is now winning.
  • Carpet Joints: A phrase for sophisticated gambling establishments with expensive and difficult to keep carpets on their floors is called "carpet joints."
  • Expanding Wilds: a gambling word for a bonus feature found in video slot games and popular online pokies free no download. As you may already be aware, wild symbols can act as a stand-in for any other symbol, making it considerably simpler for players to complete winning combinations..
  • Line Bet: type of sports betting in which the bookmaker handicaps a team by setting a margin, thereby making odds effectively equal. The margin in question is considered the line, as this is where its term line is derived. Also, it is only available in events where the total possible outcomes are two.
  • Pockets: This gambling phrase is used to describe cards belonging to a particular punter holding it, which means no other participants must see the card.
  • Shifting Wilds: the term used by free pokies no downloads and video slot players to describe bonus features. 

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