The Czech Republic is entering a new gambling era: Online gaming, experience centres with luxury casinos

The rules of gambling - especially in the online space - will become stricter with the new amendment to the law on gambling games in the Czech Republic. This will also change the overall nature and also the future of gambling in the country

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

The Ministry of Finance in the Czech Republic has introduced new law tightening the conditions for the operation of gambling in order to minimise its negative effects. Casinos, bookmakers, gaming rooms and internet gaming site operators will have to comply with the new conditions, including those for online gambling.

With the new legislative changes, online casino operators will be more regulated, but they will also be able to use different marketing strategies. The changes do not apply to operators of sites with bonuses and promotional codes. For example, casino marketing on discount platforms such as Promo Codes will not change even after the amendment comes into force. Tools in the form of promotions and bonuses for Czech casino players will also continue to attract other players to legal gambling and increase market competitiveness.

The future of gambling in the Czech Republic takes place in living rooms

The future of gambling in the Czech Republic includes not only traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, but also modern online casinos that offer the convenience of playing from home. We can also expect the emergence of new experience centres that will combine gambling with other activities such as wellness, bars and restaurants. Similar resorts combining luxury casinos with wellness and other services, such as a cinema or perhaps an aqua park, already operate abroad. The Czech Republic can thus be inspired by, for example, England or Portugal.

What exactly will change? The regulation applies in particular to online gambling

The proposed legislation aims to limit illegal gambling in the Czech Republic as much as possible and at the same time provides sufficient incentives for legal operators to comply with the Gambling Act and related regulations. This step also includes strengthening the protection of the players themselves.

Past practice has shown that some state instruments for gambling regulation are ineffective. The lengthy process of proving illegal activity and blocking illegal gambling sites needs to be simplified.

The amendment to the law proposes a more precise definition of the availability of gambling instead of focusing on specific target groups, which will enable faster and more effective interventions against illegal activities.

Newly, any gambling activity available on the territory of the Czech Republic will be considered to be operated here, which will increase the effectiveness of state supervision. The reduction of the administrative burden will be reflected in the adjustment of deposits, which will reflect the scope of the operators' activities.

The Ministry of Finance also draws attention to the need for a more precise definition of the obligations of gambling operators in the law. This amendment will increase legal certainty for all affected entities and reduce the risk of potential disputes and damages.