Think like a pâtissier and cook like a chef: chocolate-making is coming to town

Famous Belgian chocolatier believes a mix of sweet and spicy flavours makes up a Malta-inspired chocolate dessert

Philippe Vancayseele is a world famous Belgian chocolatier
Philippe Vancayseele is a world famous Belgian chocolatier

Worldwide Company Ltd, importers and distributors of the world-renowned Belgian Callebaut Chocolate, will shortly be holding a two-day course on chocolate centrepieces and a chocolate demo by the world famous Belgian chocolatier, Philippe Vancayseele.

Vancayseele has judged several international competitions in this field as well as taught many aspiring chocolatiers all over the world. 

The two-day course will be held on November 28 and 29 and the chocolate demo will be held on December 1 at the ITS premises in Pembroke.

These three day events will be concluded by a chocolate competition themed 'Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' to be held on December 2.

Worldwide Company Ltd urged chefs, patissiers and all aspiring chocolatiers to join in. 

Vancayseele, who has previously been to Malta hosting similar events, is currently Director of the Chocolate Academy in Montreal.

In his many travels, Vancayseele has tasted some interesting combinations involving chocolate – including a fresh oyster. Chocolate is considered as an exotic and tropical fruit in its own right, the origins of which, are hardly ever considered.

How can the general public confirm they’re buying ‘real’ chocolate? Vancayseele says that the name ‘chocolate' is generally a guarantee in itself that the product is actually protected and guaranteed as real chocolate.

However, to be sure, the ingredients should state 'cocoa mass', 'cocoa liquor' or 'cocoa butter' as a safe guarantee that the product is actually 'real' chocolate. Should 'vegetable fats' be listed, then, it is not the real thing.

This is also reflected in the price since authentic chocolate is usually more expensive than this other version of it.

For those who ever wondered what a chocolate dessert inspired by Malta would taste like, Vancayseele believes that it should taste “sweet and spicy” without being too aggressive.

To participate in the two-day course, chocolate demo and competition or for further information, please contact Worldwide Company Ltd on 21447904 or 21497706 or on

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