Betting Gods releases an app

Betting Gods is proud to announce the release of their new app

On the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta, online gaming and gambling is big business. Accounting for 11% of the country's GDP, it is a trend and a pastime that has been adopted with particular enthusiasm. Where a UK audience would perhaps associate gambling with grey horse tracks and chilly Tuesday night matches under the floodlights, Malta has taken the excitement and convenience of online betting to its heart; placing it in the somewhat unusual context of crystal clear seas, beautiful beaches and iconic architecture. Here, the relatively new kids on the betting block Betting Gods are planning an upset.

Relocating from the United Kingdom to Malta in 2017 is a no-brainer for the company, considering the expertise that they wield within the gaming industry - on which they have already sponsored two conferences in the country last year. The concentration of gaming enthusiasts both mirrors and expands upon the UK market - a move to Malta allows for brand expansion and recognition on an island enamoured with online betting. With their USP being that they provide a more in the know tipster service than any of their competitors, which has thus far yielded an impressive 25% return on investment for those who have followed it, the company in many cases offer an opportunity to move into more professional-style gambling for those who may be just casually involved. The latest string to Betting Gods' bow, in a year which is set to mark a barrage of activity, is a new app.

Darren Moore, the Director of Betting Gods Ltd, is optimistic about the new product and its part in the company's "commitment to customer service and improving the customer experience of Betting Gods members". The first version of the app is out on Google Play and the Apple App Store now, with strong user reviews even in this early stage. Players note its precision and excellent functionality and offer particular praise for individual tipsters, which include the likes of The Football Guru. In a highly competitive market inundated by the bigwigs that dominate the UK gambling sector, the fresh, tip-orientated approach offered by Betting Gods is already making waves among gamers.

So, what sets the app aside from the rest?

Firstly, Betting Gods offers a more informative service - utilising the highly experienced tipsters that they have at their disposal to provide up to the minute, expert insight into sporting events and gambling on the whole. Where the majority of gaming apps are focused on ensuring that the customer bets with them at a given moment, to maximise their profits, the Betting Gods app offers a refreshing break with the norm. Allowing you to access tips on the go, read informed and well written blogs, tips and previews on everything from football and rugby to golf and greyhounds, the app excels in its black and white information and back to basics approach.

Each of its tipsters are presented in-app with all the information that a gamer genuinely needs - the strike rates, the average return on investment and the average monthly profits of following them - rather than the rhetoric and bravado-heavy pushiness that comes with major competitors. The information is clear - ordered by date, sport and variety - and the aesthetic is clean, precise and calming: a well-designed summation of a platform set up to connect betters and tipsters. Thankfully, Ray Winstone's head is nowhere to be found.

Due to the app still being in its relatively early stages, Moore and his company are welcoming any feedback from their customers as to how to make any improvements in the update and the positive reception that it has enjoyed thus far speaks not only of the company's open, inclusive nature but of its ability to engage with an audience that is growing disillusioned with gambling's ubiquity. Since the 2008 recession and accompanying explosion in mobile technology, the industry has grown exponentially - this is noticeable in everything from the new technology and in-game, in-app betting to high-profile, glossy advertisements. Betting Gods are, in slightly grandiose terms, something of a connoisseurs' choice by comparison - the new app is testament to their more discerning fanbase, one that is interested in the sport or even career of gambling as a whole, rather than the quick thrill that a one-off win may provide.

For a company that is getting high profile mentions not only in Malta and UK but elsewhere across the globe, with a high TrustPilot rating and a seemingly endless stream of approval from users fed up with the more well-trod gambling sites and influencers out there, the new app is set to work wonders for Betting Gods' reputation. The company's recognition of the often overlooked island of Malta as an investment opportunity indicative of their astute nature - something clearly recognised by the site's users. The app offers even more accessibility to Betting Gods and its know-how, and to gambling on the whole.

You can find the app on the Google Play store here:

Or the Apple store here:

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