Meet Malta's iGaming game-changer: Wish Me Luck

Wish Me Luck is Malta's first online raffles company, offering players fair odds and a real chance of winning

Professional blackjack player Raphael Kalogeropoulos and CEO of Wish Me Luck LTD
Professional blackjack player Raphael Kalogeropoulos and CEO of Wish Me Luck LTD

Professional blackjack player Raphael Kalogeropoulos and CEO of Wish Me Luck LTD, was tired of not knowing his odds and feeling scammed by casinos. He created Wish Me Luck, Malta's first raffles and lotteries company licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), to offer people hope and a real chance of winning. With fair odds and minimised company profits, Wish Me Luck's unique business model promises to be a game-changer in Malta's iGaming industry. Wish Me Luck is here to stay and wants all of Malta to know they are here to offer people a real chance to make their dreams come true. 

Raphael, how did you get involved with the iGaming industry in the first place?

I am a professional blackjack player myself. I was sick and tired of not knowing my odds. To put it simply, I didn’t trust casinos. I got involved in this industry because I wanted to create a company that can be able to tell players what odds they have of winning. 

You essentially created Wish Me Luck because you were tired of casinos as a player yourself? 

There are thousands of people every day placing their hopes on scams or unrealisable lottery games and it’s a shame. Of course, I was sick of seeing people not having fair odds online. Here at Wish Me Luck, we want to offer people hope with real chances of winning and peace of mind too because they know exactly what their odds of winning are on every single lottery.

For people who don’t know much about online lotteries or even gaming, how is Wish Me Luck different from other sites?

We are the first and only regulated online raffle tickets company ever to be licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. It’s quite simple − our company is built on a concrete client oriented base. All operations are focused on maximising credibility, transparency and accountability. 

What sort of person can play on Wish Me Luck?

Our service is as easy as it can be! Anyone can play on Wish Me Luck. All you need to do is to register on our site by providing some basic info. Then you fund your account and you can purchase the tickets for the prize you want to win − that’s all!

What can we win exactly?

We offer a wide range of prizes, from hi-tech gadgets, luxury accessories to cars and trips all over the world. One great prize that we’re currently offering is a stunning Smart ForTwo Coupe!

Can you explain how you can provide such fair odds?

We’ve minimised our potential profits in comparison to other sites in order to provide the best of odds to our clients.

How does that compare to how an online casino works?

Well, we’re both in the online gaming industry, yet that’s where our similarities end. Casino games such as poker, roulette, slots, etc., offer extremely lower odds to actually win, factor in numerous variables and are based on the false prospect of making easy money. Whereas we offer real hope backed by real odds.

When will we see our first winner in Malta and what will they win?!

We’re quite excited ourselves. In just our first week, we’ve seen a great response from clients. Our lotteries expire either when they reach their expiration date, or when all tickets are sold. We expect our first winner to be in the following months and it probably will be the Smart ForTwo Coupe!

How can people trust Wish Me Luck? How do they know there will be a sure winner every single raffle?

Being the new company on the block, we understand that some people might be reluctant to play with us. There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to have any second thoughts though. We’re a licensed and regulated company, so all of our activities are under scrutiny by the Malta Gaming Authority. As for having a winner on each raffle, that’s how our game is set up. Even if we don't sell all tickets for a given lottery, our algorithm excludes all unsold tickets and the draw occurs with the remaining sold tickets. In case less than 80% of the tickets for a prize are sold, then our lucky winner gets 60% of the value of the sold tickets in cash.

I heard that Wish Me Luck is a sponsor of iSmart? What does iSmart do?

Wish Me Luck is always looking for ways to give back to society. As a matter of fact when I heard about iSmart, I associated myself with them and didn’t think twice about sponsoring their cause.

iSmart is a total inclusive solution aimed at students who have been diagnosed with a learning difficulty such as dyslexia.

As a dyslexic child, I went through everything that someone with dyslexia goes through. I relate to iSmart's purpose and find it truly beneficial not only for students with learning difficulties but, in fact, all students can benefit from iSmart.

For instance, iSmart makes reading easier with text adaptation, special fonts and a reading ruler. Speech-to-text helps to write quicker and check spelling. Mind Mapping provides support whilst studying. iSmart includes reporting, internal communications, a repository for sharing materials and many more features. If I had iSmart’s software as a child, my life would be much easier at school.

How can a player of Wish Me Luck help this cause by playing ?

We are helping schools by providing iSmart software for the whole class. We are currently sponsoring iSmart with the proceeds from the Smart Fortwo raffle.

So, each player that buys a ticket to win the Smart Fortwo should know that part of the ticket supports a class with dyslexic children. 


Ready to try out Wish Me Luck for yourself? With 5,000 raffle tickets to be sold, the first prize is a €17,600 sporty and chic Smart Fortwo Coupe Prime in grey mat with leather seats and much more. If you don't need a new car, you can always opt to take home €15,000 – in cash.

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