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The iGaming industry is an exciting one and offers countless opportunities for young people to advance in a well-paid career. Here's a taste of life at Nexus

Arrow Tag teambuilding event. January 2017
Arrow Tag teambuilding event. January 2017

What does it mean to work in the gaming industry?

The gaming industry has seen a significant rise in the last couple of years, especially locally, with a lot of gaming companies setting up base here in Malta. Despite an increase in competition and the industry itself being so fast-paced, it is without a doubt one of the coolest industries to work in! It is a young, multi-cultural industry with some of the sharpest minds working in the business. With networking being an important aspect of the industry, events and conferences are organised both in aim of broadening the mind, learning, making contacts and having a great time!

What is the recruitment process at Nexus Gaming Intelligence? How do you know when you’ve found the right candidate?

We receive an extensive amount of applications for different roles and carefully select the ideal candidates based on their experience and ambition. Although experience is essential for some roles, it is not always the case when it comes to working at Nexus. In fact, most of the current employees we have on board started out with no experience in the gaming industry. 

Essentially, we look for people that share our values, drive and enthusiasm, we believe that the ideal candidate would not only look good on paper, but should also integrate well into our overall company culture and environment.

Company breakfast in the office
Company breakfast in the office

What are the main factors which play a part in retaining recruits?  

People are the foundation of any business, at Nexus we believe that our people are more important than the product itself. You could have the best product on the market, but if you don’t have the right people behind it, your business will not evolve to its highest potential. 

In order to maintain a strong and close-knit team, we organise a lot of team building activities and events to strengthen employee relationships within and outside of the office. Our CEO, is well-renowned within the industry, being the main speaker at most gaming international exhibits and conferences as well as being the lead trainer for international Masterclass Courses, where students are taught how to build a casino from the ground up. This plays an important part in the priority and opportunity given to developing our staff members professionally. 

We strongly believe in acknowledging and rewarding our employees’ achievements and also understand that everyone has a life outside of work so we try to be as flexible as possible. 

Do you offer opportunities such as training and coaching to enable employees to build their repertoire of skill sets?

We want our people to succeed and in order for this to happen, training and coaching is essential. We offer a lot of training in-house especially for our new recruits, but also send our employees for specialised training if need be. Our aim, is to bring out the best in all our team members and help them grow to their highest potential. 

How do you see the gaming industry developing in the coming ten years? 

Personally, I feel the online gaming industry will continue growing at an exponential rate. There are over 150 online gaming companies currently registered with the MFSA which continues to show an increase year on a year. With technologies constantly advancing the opportunities presented in such an industry are endless. I see more companies moving to Malta and the industry will continue to grow.

Some of the team during a ‘Zibel Clean up’ Event. L-Ahrax, Mellieha. April 2017
Some of the team during a ‘Zibel Clean up’ Event. L-Ahrax, Mellieha. April 2017

Here’s what some of the team has to say..

Karl – Head of Casino

“I started in 2011 as a Marketing Executive and after three years in the role I moved on to become the Casino Manager. My responsibilities included overlooking casino performance, promotions and player retention. Being essentially more of a creative person, this role allowed me to delve further into the creative aspect within an online casino – a role which appealed to my strengths and was even more enjoyable. Besides being exposed to this side of the casino, I was also involved in the operations side of running such a business with more focus on driving revenue and business management responsibilities, while retaining responsibility in the promotional marketing field. This industry is a high-energy, ever changing, rewarding career with lots of opportunities for those who are hungry for success.”

Andrew – Lead Web Developer ‘a.k.a Web Ninja’

“My journey started around 2012, when I started working here as a sub-contractor doing both design and development. I was then officially employed as a full-time developer a year or so after.

“What I like about working here is mainly the opportunity to tackle multiple exciting projects and the constant challenge which helped me grow both personally and professionally. The team at Nexus is awesome! It never gets boring here and we’ve all grown quite close which is something of great value to me.” 

Daniel – Risk & Payments Manager

“When I joined in 2013, I was completely new to the industry but had experience in complaint handling, customer support and payments through my previous jobs. Since joining as a Customer Support Agent I moved onto a Customer Support Team Leader role one year later and now occupy my current position as a Risk & Payments Manager. What I enjoy most about working at Nexus is the start-up spirit of the company, which remains to this day, and the pragmatic approach to issues that inevitably have popped up along the way. IGaming is an exciting industry to work in as its constantly evolving and no two days are ever the same!”

Vassiliki – Trainer 

“I joined the team some time back in 2011 as a CS agent and it was not long until I discovered the vast aspects of iGaming waiting to be discovered.

“With customer satisfaction being my sweet spot, I always believed that the road to success is built on strong teamwork and people learning from each other. Nexus is definitely the place where creative minds meet and compliment the skills of one another, while working towards the same vision.

“I am currently working in Training & Education for Nexus, I am here to pass on what I have learnt working amongst some of the greatest in the industry, and hopefully open the path to greatness to fresh minds.”

Sean – Payments Executive

“I like the open-mindedness of working here. No other company has an ‘’across the room, dart throwing CEO’’ or “Nerf Gun Thursdays” out of the blue on a Tuesday! You feel like you can actually express your opinion and follow through as opposed to only having a one-way system of how things are done - which is very restricting. 

“I started out as a Fraud & CS Agent where I got to learn about the nuts and bolts of how iGaming works. From there I moved into payments/finance, a position which I might not have been fully confident in and had somewhat of a challenging time figuring it out and fully understanding the workings of the iGaming financial. It’s a massive learning curve which I’m grateful, excited and quite frankly very surprised by – all thanks to the trust appointed in me by the management.”

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