Ennesse, driving your business fast forward

Sipping a coffee with Nigel Scerri is always a pleasure. His confidence and expertise in the financial sector intrigues any kind of audience. So MaltaToday met up with him to learn the ins and outs of being successful at Ennesse

Celebrating success at Ennesse
Celebrating success at Ennesse

Nigel Scerri, the man behind Ennesse, distinguished himself at an early age. At the age of 20, he was the youngest Maltese student to be awarded an ACCA degree and went on to obtain his CPA warrant three years later. Nigel also holds a second degree in Management Accounting (CIMA) as well as a Master Degree in Business Administration via Maastricht School of Management. Since then, he acquired vast experience in the financial sector, having served as audit and tax manager for a number of companies. At present, Nigel uses his expertise in financial planning and accounting to give clients exactly what they need for their unique financial situation. He now operates his own firm, Ennesse, providing accountancy, audit and assurance services. 

Ennesse sources out financial managers to local and international businesses, with clients ranging from big corporations to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). Clients are assured that financial managers are sourced out according to their priorities, providing them with ongoing monitoring of their financial department and detailed understanding of their investment goals, risk tolerance and return needs.

Their job is to advise clients on the best ways to save and invest money in the quickest time possible as well as provide the client with a successful long term financial growth. Nigel says that the main aim is for clients to focus of the operations of the company, whilst Ennesse handles the financial side of the business by providing ongoing specialised monitoring, analysis and revision on financial forecasts, ensuring a strong fiscal structure and top financial performance management in due course.

The firm is also successfully involved in the Government Factory Space Allocation, helping out applicants by providing the best financial instruments which have so far lead to bid-winning applications. In fact, over the past years, the Ennesse team have achieved a one hundred percent record of application approvals.

Nigel Scerri
Nigel Scerri

Nigel says he is focused on developing his employees, and the goal is to help the team strengthen their leadership and management skills that will allow for advancement in the industry. He says the firm heavily invests in constant training and development to make sure the team is always efficient and well equipped when dealing with all sorts of clients. He also stresses the importance of organising team building events to bring the team closer together.

In fact, one of the main drivers of the firm’s success, Nigel says, is its employees. The heart of the business is in the committed and diversified team. From an experienced partner, to an enthusiastic team of fully qualified accountants and financial managers, collectively, Ennesse boasts the skills needed to meet and exceed its clients’ goals by driving their business fast forward.  Nigel strongly believes that the ability to work as a team will help the company and team achieve their respective professional and personal goals. 

So, are you ready to ‘drive your business or career fast forward?’ Ennesse, with its strong team and charismatic leader is your next stop.

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