History’s most dramatic love story hits the stage in Malta … Brace yourself for The Phantom of the Opera

Maltese production house Grapevine Music is teaming up with the international entertainment company The Really Useful Group to showcase the all-time favourite, heart-wrenching musical dramatic masterpiece that is the Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is coming to Malta this October
The Phantom of the Opera is coming to Malta this October

Thirteen long years after Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum tore our hearts to shreds with their doomed attempt at eternal and unconditional love shrouded with passionate, expressive musical ensembles, The Phantom of the Opera is returning – this time up close and personal to any Phantom fan on the Maltese islands.

With the curtains going up at Ta' Qali’s Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in late October, audiences will have to be patient before they can be transported to 20th century Paris and immerse themselves in a glorious tale of beauty, betrayal and manipulation.

SPOILER ALERT. If you're not familiar with The Phantom of the Opera, here's our crazed fan rundown. 

The story centres around a disfigured musical genius, known only as ‘the Phantom’, who becomes enamoured with budding opera singer Christine as she first sounds her voice in the opera house which the Phantom has made his home and livelihood.

Having experienced nothing but abuse and marginalisation his entire life due to his disfigurement, the Phantom’s approach to courting Christine – herself orphaned at a tender age – is both protective and forceful.

The Phantom remains in hiding at first, speaking to Christine from behind walls only when she finds herself alone, slowly grooming her affections as he plays into the void of Christine’s loving father figure.

The Phantom uses his tricks and power in the opera house to cunningly present Christine with the leading role. Once her performance is complete and Christine enters her dressing room to a loud applause, the Phantom lures her into a secret passage, down into his lair. After a brief fallout when Christine blindsides him by removing his mask, the naïve songstress appears to accepts the Phantom’s affections and afflictions, seemingly reciprocating his gentle feelings.

For a moment, it seems the heartbroken Phantom’s dreams have come true, but alas, his happiness cannot last.

Shortly, Christine’s childhood lover, Raoul, emerges, whisking Christine away. What follows is a twisted account of love, murder, confusion, betrayal, anger and revenge, played out to the legendary songs of Point of No Return, All I Ask of You and Music of the Night.

The ending depends on where your sympathies lie throughout the piece. Christine, but more so the Phantom, are a kaleidoscope of different facets, making them both relatable and detestable. The emotions run raw from both ends, and spectators have no choice but to take sides.

But which one?

You can see for yourself on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 October at 8pm. For tickets and event updates head to The Phantom of the Opera Facebook event here.

Sponsored by Grapevine Music
Grapevine Music is a working collaboration between composer Paul Abela and producer David Borg. The production house that, since 2009, focused on bringing Maltese musical and artistic talent to the forefront. Since 2009, they have produced GENSNA (2009), GENSNA (2014), 50 Years of Maltese Music (2014), Djamanti Muzikali Gozo (2014) and 1565 The Musical in Concert (2015)

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