10 things the Maltese would do with the EuroMillions €17 million jackpot

Which would you choose? 

You’re still in time to win €17 million in the EuroMillions draw this Tuesday.

People in Malta now have the chance to take part in this Tuesday's EuroMillions draw. This is one of the most popular draws in Europe and it has earned its reputation with good reason. With a large guaranteed jackpot, EuroMillions is easily a top pick for lotto players everywhere.

So what would you do if you are lucky enough to win the €17 million jackpot?

1. Pay off your debt

Say goodbye to home and car loans

2. Home upgrade: Palazzo

Wouldn’t mind your own luxury property?

3. Buy a yacht

Only logical in Malta

4. Start a charity

Don’t be selfish now

5. Two words: Private Jet

No more Ryan Air. Get to your dream destinations in style

6. Ladies, live in hairdresser

Toni&Guy at your service

7. Private chaffeur

Photo by Dacoby Chaffeur Service
Photo by Dacoby Chaffeur Service

Never have to drive yourself on the Maltese roads again

8. Quit your job and travel the world


9. Invest

Invest in a new startup, global markets, or maybe property around the island?

10. Private chef

Let’s admit it, it wasn’t working out in the kitchen anyways


For those with a few lucky numbers and enjoy the thrill of the bet, here’s how to play EuroMillions in 3 steps:

1. Visit Jackpot.com

Select 5 numbers between 1-50 and two Lucky Stars from 1-12. Complete as many entries as you like and click the green ‘continue’ button to complete your transaction.

2. Sit back and wait for the results

The draws take place on Tuesdays and Fridays, in Paris at 21:00 CET (20:00 BST/GMT)

3. And if you win…

The prize money will be transferred to your account.

The minimum jackpot is at €17 million while the maximum goes up to a €190 million. The odds of winning are a surprising 1 in 13 while the odds of winning the big jackpot stand at 1 in 139,838,160. If you are the lucky winner, they will notify you via email and will transfer the money to your account as soon as possible.

Now people in Malta can legally bet on the EuroMillions lottery thanks to Jackpot.com, licensed with the Malta Gaming Authority, which offers players the opportunity to bet on popular worldwide lottery results for a chance to win these massive jackpots. Subscribe to Jackpot.com and your lucky numbers will automatically be entered so you never miss a draw. As an extra bonus, when you subscribe to a lottery you automatically become a member of the exclusive Jackpot Club which rewards all subscribers with VIP treatment.

That’s not all either! Jackpot.com has just released online scratchcards.

Anyone who has ever bought a scratchcard will understand the pure sense of satisfaction of scratching away the top layer and revealing the hidden numbers. You can get the same satisfaction with online scratchcards with jackpots from €5,000 up to €25,000. Try out their free demo here.

So what would you do with €17 million euro? If you have anything left over, don’t forget about mum and dad...and nanna and your aunt, and that one cousin and your cousin’s cousin. 

Thanks to Jackpot.com you have the opportunity to enter lotteries that you normally wouldn’t be able to enter without visiting the country directly and purchasing a ticket. That all changes with Jackpot.com where you can enter lotteries from all over the world without having to leave your home. By doing this you have the opportunity to win huge jackpots which you may not otherwise have access to!

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