Salary benchmarking for job seekers by

Job seekers in Malta can benchmark their salary to securely comparable roles within the dataset, a research-based database of remuneration packages has just launched a jobseeker interface. The online interface enables jobseekers to benchmark their salary to securely comparable roles within the dataset.

The data submitted is confidential and data is always presented in aggregate.

To ensure reliable data, jobseekers currently working in Malta, are requested to submit details including a copy of their payslip.

Analise Germani,’s Project Leader commented “this ensures that the data we share is accurate and well validated. Furthermore access to this data is exclusive to employers and jobseekers who contribute by sharing their own data.”

Launched in 2013, is a validated online platform giving members detailed remuneration data. The methodology ensures that members know how many observations are found within a specific role and how many companies contributed to that data.

For more information email Analise on [email protected] is a tool which addresses information gaps in Malta’s dynamic talent market. provides research-based compensation data to companies and individuals. We do real data. We are transparent so you can see how many data points we have for each role and from how many companies.

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