7 reasons not to try to win EuroMillions €177,000,000 jackpot from Malta

€177,000,000 is a lot of money but that kind of wealth isn't for everyone

By now we all know that the EuroMillions has rolled over, which means everyone has the chance to win the largest jackpot of the year -€177,000,000. And yes, we mean everyone. Now, thanks to Jackpot.com, we can bet on the EuroMillions lottery from Malta. Jackpot.com is completely regulated by Malta Gaming Authority to ensure responsible betting and give you peace of mind. Not to mention, if you are the one lucky winner, you will get the whole €177,000,000 jackpot. The question is, should you place a bet? I know €177M is a lot of money, but that kind of wealth isn’t for everyone.

Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t try to win the EuroMillions jackpot:

  1. You don’t like the water and wouldn’t want a yacht.
  2. You have a passion for budgeting and don’t want to risk giving that up.
  3. You don’t like traveling.
  4. Your savings account is overflowing already.
  5. You can’t find an internet connection so buying a ticket is impossible.
  6. The chances of winning are 1 in 13, with the chances of winning the jackpot at 1 in 139,838,160 and those odds are too good for your taste.
  7. To bet you must create an account at Jackpot.com, select the EuroMillions lottery and pick five numbers from 1 – 50, as well as two Lucky Stars between 1 – 12, and you just don’t have any lucky numbers.

If none of those reasons apply to you, go to Jackpot.com to place your bet now. If you need assistance Jackpot.com’s knowledgeable customer experience team is happy to help you take part in this lottery or any of their 17 other exciting lotteries.

Don’t forget to sign up for a subscription with Jackpot.com in case of another rollover. Right now, through the month of September, Jackpot.com is offering a discount of up to 30% off subscriptions which includes lotteries like the EuroMillions and Powerball. If you sign up before the end of the month (which is tomorrow!) your discount will continue for as long as you choose, so you never miss a chance to win.

But here's the real question you need to ask yourself: Is €177,000,000 right for you?

Thanks to Jackpot.com you have the opportunity to enter lotteries that you normally wouldn’t be able to enter without visiting the country directly and purchasing a ticket. That all changes with Jackpot.com where you can enter lotteries from all over the world without having to leave your home. By doing this you have the opportunity to win huge jackpots which you may not otherwise have access to!

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