5 of the most bizarre things lottery winners have spent their winnings on

With the MegaMillions €342,000,000 jackpot available to be won in Malta, what better way to get into the spirit than to take a peek at people’s extravagantly wild purchases?

1. A weather station

Because why not, really? Alan Rowley bought a weather station, which feeds information and data directly to his personal computer, claiming that the main motivation behind the purchase was that the weather was always linked to cricket and he wanted to “have an idea of what the conditions would be like at the weekend.” That’s a good enough reason for us!

2. Knee replacements

Tony and Greta Todd won a whopping €3,000,000 but weren’t too interested in large houses or fast cars. What they were passionate about however, was ballroom dancing. Seeing as they both suffered from debilitating knew conditions, a substantial amount of their winnings went towards knee replacement operations. They haven’t left the dance floor ever since!

3. An acre of the moon

Former lab technician David Copeland spent his winnings on relatively standard things such as champagne and he’s gone on a couple of cruises too. His strangest purchase however, was an acre of land on the moon, as well as deeds to land on both Mars and Venus.

4. Recording and releasing a single

Roger Griffiths always wanted to be a star. What better to spend your lottery winnings on than the recording and release of a brand spanking new single? Roger brought his old university band together to hit the stage one more time. In addition to stays at expensive hotels, rehearsals, recordings, every cent was spent. Just 600 copies of the single were sold.

5. A water park

Yes, you read that correctly. Instead of buying a good ole’ sports car of a huge mansion, John Kutey, who coincidentally won a MegaMillions jackpot of €28,000,000 chose to buy a plot of land in New York and build a water park from scratch, in honour of their parents. Odd, but kind of sweet, right?


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