Playing the lottery online: yay or nay?

The EuroMillions jackpot has reached a whopping €17,000,000 and we’re super excited about it. So we’ve decided to weigh out the pros and cons of playing the lottery online… just to make sure YoMillions is doing it right

Disclaimer: YoMillions is definitely doing it right. Here’s why:

Do you remember a time when playing the lottery meant actually physically making your way down to shop down the street? Remember having to wait in line in 30-degree heat to buy your mother (and grandmother) their golden tickets?

Times have changed, my friend. Since the Internet took the world by a storm, the game has evolved.

What are the main differences between online and offline lottery, we hear you ask?

First things first, the opening hours. As you may have guessed, you can play the lottery online any time you would like. Be it at three in the afternoon or three in the morning, the world of magical numbers and YoMillions is your oyster.

It goes without saying that the same does not apply for tangible tickets, as it very much depends on the opening hours of that store down your road.

When it comes to the actual buying of your ticket – granted - there’s still some excitement associated with buying a ticket the old-fashioned way, selecting your numbers and paying at the counter. The beauty of buying online however is the fact that after entering some basic information and contact details, your account will store all your details, which means that buying a ticket next time will be an absolute breeze.

Next up? Security. We cannot stress this one enough. Have you ever had the recurring nightmare of scoring the jackpot and leaving the winning ticket in the back of your taxi? Or it falling out of your jeans pocket on the way to claiming your prize? This is all fixed by the prospect of purchasing tickets online as there’s virtually no risk of you losing out on your winnings!

Game variety. This one’s a big one ladies and gentlemen! Your options are no longer limited to which tickets are available in your street, town, even country! Playing the lottery online, (especially with YoMillions) means you have access to several lotteries.

Finally, it’s results time. Are you the big winner?

You may very well have the winning ticket in hand but hey… you forgot to check your numbers which means you never claimed your prize! This problem is completely avoided when playing online because results are posted immediately and in very bright colours meaning that if you missed it, you may have been making an active effort to do so!


Still prefer buying your lottery tickets from the petrol station down the road? Fair enough.

For everything else, play with YoBetit. Just a friendly reminder that the EuroMillions jackpot of €17,000,000 could be yours, if only you’d just… play the game. is one of Malta’s favorite online sportsbooks offering over 30 different sports and featuring thousands of events. From football, to tennis, to politics - you name it, we have it! have now launched YoMillions which offers a vast range of international lotteries with various jackpots, and it’s all so easy to play!

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