A Maltese superstar is getting married

A misunderstanding led to an awkward start, but since then Angelique Bonello has become a Superstar on the Maltese localisation heaven. This Saturday she is getting married to Merlin Mifsud, with colleagues flying in from all corners of Europe to celebrate their eternal love.

Angelique Bonello is the longest standing employee at All-in Translations. She will was officially promoted to Operations Executive as of today, but her bright career at the St. Julian’s-based language service provider got off to a bumpy start when she didn’t show up for her first day of work back in 2013. The misunderstanding was quickly cleared up though, and Miss Bonello, soon to be Mrs. Mifsud, has developed a track record which is second to none ever since:    

  • 0 sick days
  • 0 conflicts
  • 0 complaints
  • She is loved dearly by her colleagues.
  • 7 million translated words delivered to clients in 70+ languages, making her the most efficient Project Manager every year.
  • She has been the captain of an operations team that was recently reviewed by their clients to a rock solid 4.92 of 5 stars when it comes to understanding customer requirements, personalization of service, responsiveness to questions, customer communication, knowledge and courtesy.
  • She took a Master’s Degree in Translation Studies at the Malta University while working full-time.

The wedding reception will take place in a palace on the North side of the island where the 300 guests can enjoy breathtaking views. It is no surprise that Angelique has invited all of her colleagues from near and far. 

We have all witnessed her remarkable development both professionally and personally over the last years, and it will be purely heartwarming for us to see Angelique get her Merlin on Saturday. The whole team is honoured to share this magical moment with the happy couple, before they embark on a honeymoon halfway around the world. Angelique and Merlin have stood by each other’s side for as long as we have known them.

In November Angelique’s employer will celebrate 10 years in business. It has been an incredible journey and All-in Translations is now the market leading language service provider to the gaming industry in Malta. One thing is certain: This would not have been possible without Angelique in the team. No chance. Every year we receive emails where she is referred to as a Superstar, either it’s a praise from a happy customer or a great result for the project management team. 

So from the bottom of our hearts: Congratulations to our Superstar Angelique and your Superman Merlin on your glorious day! May the Force be with you always.

Love from Eduardo Ferrer, Michele Spiteri, Tiago Aprigio Santos, Valentin Stanga, Ida Cecilie Bjerkeskaug, Tea Fijala, Inês Gomes, Manuel Portal, Rodrigo Dias, Corrina Galetza, Eolo Barilari, Maciej Kwiatek, Roberta Cauchi, Nicolas Morel, Angela Salvado, Isabel Alves, Sophie Jackson, Per Hertz, Elissavet Arkolaki, Roy Pedersen and the 300+ writers and translators at All-in Translations.

This was written by Roy Pedersen, CEO at All-in Translations.       

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