Malta Pub Crawl – From idea to execution

Malta Pub Crawl was intially founded to give people the full Paceville experience. Two years later and they've expanded...

In the summer of 2016, Malta Pub Crawl was founded to give tourists and locals alike the complete night out in Paceville, Malta's Nightlife capital. Week in week out, they took their guests to different bars and club and showed them a night they will never forget.

This summer Valletta Pub crawl has been launched. The concept is simple. An informative, yet lively bar tour of our beautiful capital.

Clients enjoy free flowing beer and a drink at every single bar, which usually adds up to four. 

Their licensed tour guides' aim is to present to you what Europe`s capital of Culture has to offer, by means of fun facts and interesting stories regarding both Valletta as well as the unique history behind every venue.

Professional videographers and photographers are also on scene to record the night and capture every special moment.

Want to learn more about the Pub Crawl? Click here.

Contact them on [email protected]

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