5 insane lottery stories that might inspire you to buy a ticket

Both the Mega Millions and the Powerball jackpots have rolled over; reaching €102,000,000 and €60,200,000! Looking to extend your summer vacation? Now’s your chance…

When you’ve been in the lottery industry as long as Jackpot.com has, you’ll come to realise what a brilliant, yet bizarre game it really is. Here are a few stories that will show you exactly what we mean…

1. The price of politeness

84 year old Gloria Mackenzie broke a world record when she won the $590,000,000 Powerball jackpot in 2013. All well and good, right? Wrong! Mindy Crandall, who was standing in front of Gloria in the queue to purchase lottery tickets, let the elderly woman cut in line ahead of her. We’re assuming she’s regretted her good deed of the day ever since.

2. Speeding fine win?

In Sweden, more specifically; in Stockholm, fines paid by speeding drivers are used to fund regular lottery draws. Any wins are then paid out to random people, with clean driving records. Are you a safe and careful driver? MOVE TO STOCKHOLM!

3. And the winner is… a panda!

Have you heard about the panda trend? It’s all the rage in China, where lottery winners are wearing hilarious masks to claim their prizes, so as to guarantee anonymity. One guy recently turned up dressed from head to toe as a panda.

4. How many times can lightning strike?

Apparently, no less than FOUR times! If you’re Joan Ginther that is. Stanford PhD student Joan has won lottery jackpots on four separate occasions but no one knows how she did it! We’re all just waiting on the truth from Joan herself so we can follow suit…

5. Those fortune cookies!

In 2005, a batch of fortune cookie slips were printed with five of the winning numbers from a huge Powerball draw. This led to an unprecedented 110 people winning the second prize. They were just ONE number away from winning a share of the massive $25,500,000 jackpot! That must have hurt…

Looking to be the sixth story?

Here’s your chance – Both the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots are huge and extremely inviting, currently standing at €102,000,000 and €60,200,000 respectively! What are you waiting for?

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  3. Sit back and cross your fingers!

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Have fun and good luck!

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