Malta’s very own ‘Online Sports Blog’

A Maltese sports media brand is becoming the go-to site for daily sports news

Online Sports Blog (OSB) is a fast-growing sports media brand which surfaced online in 2016. Over the past two years the sports blog has gained over 60,000 followers online from all over the world and continues to welcome new readers everyday. Online Sports Blog could easily soon become everyone’s go-to-site for the latest sports news.

OSB is operated by a team of sports journalists and designers, who create content on a daily-basis shaped around the interest of their followers. Taking their readers’ interests into consideration the team makes sure the content keeps viewers updated and entertained.

We sat down with OSB owner Nikolai Livori to gain some insight on the website, learn about any available opportunities and find out what’s lined up for Online Sports Blog.

What inspired you to start Online Sports Blog (OSB)?

Nowadays, you can easily turn to one of the big news agencies to get your latest sports fix, but day-after-day I felt that something was missing. Opening a website and seeing a selection of articles which are essentially mirrored on a handful of other websites got a bit boring, and there was a sense of disconnect. Not to mention that on certain occasions the information was created simply for clickbait.

Online Sports Blog was created to provide readers with a different approach to news.  Online Sports Blog keeps it real and makes it simple.

What is the purpose of OSB?

Online Sports Blog was created to deliver sports news from a ‘real’ perspective. Real people providing news, reviews and insight.

We answers the questions everyone is thinking, and provide the latest updates which could affect sporting events, and so on…

Our writers select what’s newsworthy through their experienced backgrounds on sports and media alike and create content for our readers to enjoy.

So, what news is covered on OSB?

The content team make sure to stay updated with what’s going on in the world of sports, with a little soft spot for Malta, ofcourse.

The OSB team stays on top of what’s to come to be able to provide insight and useful information to our readers. We have a strong focus on football, and we feature tennis, cycling, basketball, and boxing prominently on the site.

OSB covers all the big Leagues but also brings you stories you won’t find anywhere else. The OSB writers map patterns, and discover what people really want to know - and they deliver it.

Can we expect anything different from OSB in the future?

OSB is always adapting, as I mentioned we like to take our readers’ interests into consideration - which we learn from feedback on social media for instance. So, the future of OSB is also dependent on our readers. We will continue to grow our OSB team, and continue to deliver news to as many readers as we can.

Are there any opportunities for budding writers, or businesses?

We are always on the lookout for freelance writers who are passionate about sports, sports statistics, transfers, scores and betting.

We also collaborate with other businesses through our affiliate program as we provide services to promote sports related businesses on our site.

Online Sports Blog is all about delivering real news to real people. If you would like to have your work featured on Online Sports Blog or would like to have your business promoted, get in touch here or send Online Sports Blog a message on Facebook is one of Malta’s favorite online sportsbooks offering over 30 different sports and featuring thousands of events. From football, to tennis, to politics - you name it, we have it! have now launched YoMillions which offers a vast range of international lotteries with various jackpots, and it’s all so easy to play!

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