5 crazy lottery winner stories to inspire you for tonight’s €151,000,000 rollover!

This lottery was previously only enjoyed by a select few European countries, but now thanks to Jackpot.com, you can bet on this glorious cash prize from Malta!

Tonight’s EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot has rolled over for the 2nd time to a mind-blowing €151,000,000. 

Simply create an account at Jackpot.com, choose your numbers, and cross your fingers that you get a match. You could be Malta’s next big winner since Maria from St Julians won €97,000 on the EuroMillions last month.

Speaking of winners, here’s a rundown of some the most incredible lottery stories you’ll ever hear. Enjoy the ride, and if you feel lucky, don’t forget to bet on all the best worldwide lotteries at Jackpot.com.

1. Policeman Splits Winnings With Waitress

This story is so crazy it inspired, ‘It Could Happen To You’; a 1994 movie starring internet favourite, Nicolas Cage. A New York policeman was a frequent customer at a pizza restaurant and one day, instead of leaving a tip, Robert suggested that the waitress split a lottery ticket with him and share the winnings. They each picked three numbers and, unbelievably, their ticket won. They split the $6 million jackpot, securing the waitress what has got to be one of the biggest tips in history.

2. The Most Fortunate of Fortune Cookies

In one 2005 draw, 110 people matched 5 Powerball numbers and won prizes of up to $500,000. This tier is usually only won by a couple of people, so it was unprecedented to have such a high number of winners. Concerns were raised, and fraud was suspected, however after further investigation it was discovered that there was no foul play after all. Instead, the 110 players had all opened a fortune cookie containing the same lucky numbers and decided to play them. That’s one substantial snack!

3, Google Blows Lottery Winner’s Cover

A Florida resident noticed that her husband began keeping the phone unplugged and the television switched off, and one day found letters about a new house purchase in their mailbox. Curious about her husband’s behaviour, she googled him and discovered that he had won $19 million on the lottery through a shared syndicate with 16 of his colleagues. Furious at his attempt to conceal his winnings, she confronted him and he did a runner. Last we heard she was suing him for half the winnings.

4. Cheeky Australians Outsmart The System

Back in 1992, a group of Australians invested $5 million in tickets for a Virginia lottery, getting an Illinois businessman to purchase the tickets for them. They calculated that there were 7 million combinations possible with the available lottery numbers, so they planned on buying all 7 million. However, they ran out of time, only managing to secure 5 million tickets before the deadline. Luckily, one of the combinations they bought was drawn and they won the $27 million jackpot.

5. Mickey Carroll - The Self-Proclaimed ‘King of Chavs’

In 2002, Mickey Carroll from England won £9.7 million on the UK Lottery. He worked as a bin man and vowed to spend his winnings carefully. But things didn’t quite go to plan when he was given a road ban for driving without insurance, issued with an anti-social behaviour order for firing steel balls from his Mercedes into surrounding properties, and finally jailed for 9 months for affray. After his

release, and after spending all his winnings on cars, parties and houses, he applied to get his job back as a bin man.

These lottery winners have definitely had their ups and downs, but if you think you can at least do a better job than Mickey Carroll, then head to Jackpot.com and get involved in the big €151,000,000 EuroMillions Superdraw!

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