Radio broadcasters flock to Valletta for the annual International Radio Festival

The weeklong festival will see local and international radio networks broadcasting from Malta

Radio stations and broadcasters from all around the world have gathered in Piazza D’Armi in Valletta for the 9th edition of the annual International Radio Festival.

The Swiss born week long festival, which is also the first, and only one of it’s kind in the world, showcases the business production and curation of the world’s most consumed media format, audio-radio content.

More than 30 international radio stations will be broadcasting live from Malta via the International Radio Festival DAB+ channel, with such broadcasts expected to reach an audience of more than 100 million.

Local radio stations Bay Radio, Vibe FM, XFM and Magic Malta will also be broadcasting live from the IRF alongside many internationally renowned networks such as: BBC Radio 1 (UK), Raid Radio 3 (Italy), Kasheme (Zurich), Le Mouv (France), Pride Radio (U.S), Love Radio (China), Kiss FM (Australia) and many more.

Then on Thursday key speakers from the industry shall debate in ‘The Audio Conference’ which will be held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. Notable speakers include international radio consultant John Simons, BBC R&D Executive Producer Nicky Birch and James Keen, station director for Channel 103 and Island FM in the Channel Islands.

The IRF was founded in 2010 to specifically celebrate radio’s on-air influencers and their production teams who command the trust and loyal “ear” of billions of listeners around the globe, and is unique in that the conference format offers invited radio stations the opportunity to showcase their chosen programme formats to attendees whilst simultaneously broadcasting said programmes live-on-air from the conference back to their home audiences, thus reaching millions of global listeners and making the IRF the largest media event of its kind.


The Malta Tourist Authority is the festival’s key supporter.

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