‘Bringing the International Radio Festival to Malta was an obvious choice’

MaltaToday spoke with the International Radio Festival's director Darryl von Däniken to get some insight...

Festival director, Darryl von Däniken
Festival director, Darryl von Däniken

Malta’s gem of a capital has certainly evolved since Lord Byron famous condemnation, and 2018, was certainly the epitome of it’s magnificence with countless of events occurring practically every week, satisfying the intrigue of all spheres of society.

Just last week, in the historic Fort St.Elmo, hundreds of broadcasters and radio stations gathered here for the 9th Edition of the annual International Radio Festival.

Speaking to MaltaToday, festival director Darryl von Däniken made it clear that bringing the IRF to Malta was an obvious choice. “Music represents a common denominator across all societies and cultures, and radio remains the leading medium where ‘new’ music is discovered every minute of the day, 24/7, said Von Daniken.

He also said that:

in view of the ongoing strategy of Malta’s Tourism Authority (MTA), understanding the power of music and festivals and the value it brings both as an attraction to visit as well as economically, bringing the IRF to Malta was an obvious choice.

Asked whether similar events might occur again on the island, Von Däniken said, “the MTA’s understanding of the benefits of bringing a unique event such as the IRF to the country encourages us to want to explore making Malta the European home of the IRF.

Sabrina Pesenti and Darryl von Däniken
Sabrina Pesenti and Darryl von Däniken

 The IRF is the only radio/ audio festival and conference of its kind where the focus is on showcasing and debating the business and curation of music radio/audio entertainment programming, all about those behind the microphone and their producers, generating content for their listeners.

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