Advertising your property is easier on

New name of property website NoAgentsPlease, with website redesign to make it simpler for sellers to advertiser their properties

Malta property website has a new name -

Over the coming weeks, is being redesigned and new functionality added to make it simpler for sellers and landlords to advertise their properties in just a few simple steps, and for buyers and tenants to find their new homes.

The change in name better reflects the company’s ethos, and its updated portal will include a wealth of information to provide guidance to sellers and buyers, landlords and tenants alike.

The portal will help them find each other and complete a sale or rental agreement faster than ever before. Users can also look forward to a host of new functionalities with the evolution of the site.

The best part of it all is that this site does not charge any agency commissions and for a limited time period, all listings are free of charge.

After that a small, one-time listing fee will be charged, both for sale of properties and for rentals. Sellers and landlords are urged to list their property now to benefit from this limited time offer of free listings on

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