Eyecon founder eyes European market through Malta

Having established the company in the UK gaming market, Eyecon founder Scott Murray looks to make the leap into Europe

Interview with Eyecon founder Scott Murray
Interview with Eyecon founder Scott Murray

The Malta gaming industry has gone from strength to strength, with gaming companies from all over the world coming to the island to penetrate the European market and Eyecon founder, Scott Murray, wants to follow suit.

Interviewed about what he plans to achieve having entered Eyecon into the Maltese market, Murray said that he aims to replicate the success achieved in the United Kingdom (UK) in providing the best gaming experience while sustaining an excellent relationship with the customer.

“We want to continue making games that players love, games that resonate with players and games that players keep coming back to,” Murray said.

When asked what Eyecon offers that other gaming enterprises don’t, Murray said that Eyecon’s ten-year experience offers a reliable platform that brings to the table games that players enjoy and want to keep on playing.

“There’s a difference between a game that looks flashy and good, which a player plays for a couple of times in comparison to a game that players keep on coming back to, and Eyecon prides itself on the latter,”

Murray claimed that keeping operator relationships at the forefront while providing excellent account management, has been critical to the company’s success.

“We want to reproduce that excellent relationship here in Malta, as that rapport gives us the ability to tackle problems together and ultimately provide the best product to our clients.”

Asked what made Eyecon choose Malta, he stated that the environment for which the company can thrive is excellent and the company wants to follow the footsteps of other big gaming companies that are continuing to choose Malta as their base.

“When choosing to launch into the European market, Malta was the natural conclusion,”

The conditions by which the company can blossom, coupled with the blue sea and sky, which make Murray feel at home to his native Australia, attracted his attention.

“We brought our servers her, we brought our people here, we really want to become part of the Maltese gaming eco-system,”

When asked how many people will be employed with Eyecon as the company settles within Malta, he insisted that the company seeks to employ more people in the near future but will focus on organic growth as it has always done.

Asked what the future holds for Eyecon, Murray coolly said, “making great games”, insisting that it is what the company is all about, providing the best gaming experience for the customer.

“We listen to other operators, we listen to players, we listen to our creative team. We do all this to ultimately create the next player’s favourite game,” 

Murray said that Malta will be crucial to achieving the next step, having already learnt and discussed on how the company will be providing different platforms that cater for different countries.

“The future looks bright for Eyecon, and we hope to achieve that success through Malta.”

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