Book Fair to be held at Is-Suq tal-Belt this weekend

The Book Fair will held at Is-Suq tal-Belt this weekend will offer books on a wide range of subjects inlcuding Maltese history, culture and folklore

The Book Fair will be open from 4 January to 6 January
The Book Fair will be open from 4 January to 6 January

A book fair is being organised at Is-Suq tal-Belt this coming weekend. The fair will run between Friday and Sunday and will be open between 11am and midnight on Friday and Saturday, and between 11am and 4pm on Sunday.

The fair will be held at Level 1 of the Valletta market, and is being organised in collaboration with the Wise Owl Bookshop, an award-winning independent publishing house which dates back to 1934.

Books on a vast range of subjects will be available, including Maltese history, culture and folklore, natural history, as well as various novels and recipe books.

Fair attendees are being invited to browse through the available books, which will be offered at a fantastic price of €2.99.

There will also be a section dedicated to Children’s literature, with is- Suq tal-Belt offering a supervised Children’s Area where kids can enjoy various activities.

After having visited the Book Fair, one can savour a taste of delicacies from around the globe from one of the various food stalls at is-Suq tal-Belt where dining, unwinding and experience all come together to create an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

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