Another win for drifting champion Andrea Fabri

June 9 saw Fabri and his Enemed Supra place first in both qualifications and twin battles of the second round of the National Drifting Championship, organised by the Malta Drifting Association

Held in Ta’ Qali, the event brought with it the biggest challenge yet to the National Drifting Championship drivers due to the weather conditions, with temperatures reaching 38°C, making it the hottest June day since 2007.

Fabri and his crew did their best to stay hydrated throughout the day and focus on the tasks at hand, one of which was an injector issue that resulted in a reduction in power, so as to keep the engine healthy and make it through the scorching hot day.

Experience and adaptability in setting up the car for any situation encountered is one of the winning factors that placed the Enemed Supra team in first place, but it is Fabri’s racing skills that makes him the champion he his.

When Fabri and his team found out they were slightly low on power, Fabri re-adjusted his driving style to make the car go to the right places at the right angles and speed by using more aggressive manoeuvres, and using the car's momentum to still obtain a high level score. This change in technique also placed Fabri first in qualifications with a 90.5 Point Run.

Preparation is of utmost importance and is the key factor that differentiates Fabri and his Enemed Supra from other drivers. Before every race, Fabri and his team start by preparing the maintenance part of the car that includes a change of engine, gearbox and differential oil. The car is then put on a jack stand where a nut and bolt check takes place, new tires are put on the rims, and the car is washed inside out to remove any debris left from other races. The essential parts that could be damaged during a race, including extra lubricant, are packed for race day.

My goal for this year is to continue from where we left off in Round 2, by keeping the car as reliable and powerful as possible, and myself to remember and make sure I do not repeat any of my previous mistakes. Andrea Fabri

The aspiring pro-drifter mentally prepares for any race by treating it as it is his first, irrelevant of what took place in previous rounds of the competition, however, along with his team, he analyses the performance in a race and jots down what himself as a driver could have done better to avoid the mistakes done.

In the next few months, Fabri and his crew will be taking some time off to analyse, plan and develop the Enemed Supra for the next race which will be held in September. This short summer break is both a healthy pause for the team and protection for the Enemed Supra’s engine from the heat, but work will continue as Fabri and his crew are currently developing a more reliable engine and a chassis package that is an elevated version of the one they are using presently.


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