Yachts, robots or pastizzi? What would you spend tonight’s €107,000,000 Powerball jackpot on?

Start writing your summer bucket list, tonight’s US Powerball jackpot is available to win from Malta!

Now that winter is (finally) behind us, we’re all making our grand summer plans - but things can start adding up quickly so we reckon a €107 million would make a welcome boost to your sunny season.

The good news is that the US Powerball has just the jackpot, and this crazy cash prize is up for grabs tonight!

You can get your hands on this jackpot from Malta with, so winning this heart-racing amount could genuinely become a reality.

We’ve been thinking about all the amazing things we would include in our own bucket list if we won the jackpot. The possibilities are endless, but here’s just a few ideas to get you started.

1. Have a never-ending supply of pastizzi

We know what you’re thinking. Are you really going to blow it all on pastizzi? Maybe. Possibly. They’re just irresistible.

2. Buy a yacht (or two)

Might as well make the best out of the blue waters that surround us! And let’s not forget the morning traffic that we’ll never be part of again.

3. Invest in new technology that would beat the heat

Stepping outside in the sun is equivalent to belly-flopping into a frying pan. With €107 million, however, you could have a robot follow you around with a fan and some cold water on demand.

How Can I Bet on the Powerball from Malta?

Instead of buying a physical ticket which is restricted to residents of participating countries, offers players the opportunity to bet on the outcome of these lotteries instead, with the same jackpot paid out if you win.

The best part? Picking your numbers is a breeze. Simply create an account at, select the Powerball lottery, then choose five numbers between 1-69 plus one Powerball from 1-26. After you place your bet, cross your fingers and wait for the draw!

And it’s not only the Powerball that is available to us online. From the Euromillions to the Superenalotto, deliver many world-renowned lottery jackpots to Malta from all over the world.

The first step to a dream lottery jackpot begins with those all-important lucky numbers. Make yours count when you bet on the €107 million Powerball jackpot from Malta today and get ready to have a super summer! is powered by Lottomatrix and licensed by the MGA, License No. MGA/B2C/362/2016. Please play responsibly. For help visit Players must be 18+

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