Making homes and businesses safer since 2004

VS Universal security has been around for 15 years, consistently providing your businesses, banks, offices and homes with state-of-the-art security systems

Since 2004, VS Universal Security has helped keep people safe, by adding an extra layer of protection to their offices and homes.

By providing services for both the design, as well as the installation of the security technology systems, VS Universal Security has got you covered. They primarily cater for burglary alarms for companies, businesses, offices, banks and homes.

On offer are a variety of cutting-edge products, which are a result of constant, targeted research, as well as feedback from partner companies.

What’s more, their monitoring video surveillance systems are directly connected with the local police.

VS Universal Security values three things, above all else. These being: privacy, professionalism and high quality.

They ensure and guarantee maximum privacy for all their customers, regardless of which service they are looking for. Safety is their ultimate goal, and therefore, they strive to provide the greatest degree of professionalism, in all that they do. And finally, the company ensures that the services and products they provide, satisfy the highest quality of standard.

Highly trained staff for assistance and monitoring, as well as alarm and video surveillance system technicians, specifically deal with:

  • Access management services
  • The opening and closing of buildings and areas
  • The management of security centres
  • Installation of systems
  • Security consultancy
  • Foggy smoke signal

For more details: contact VS Universal Security on [email protected] or call +390292951207 / +356 99387150

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