makes office space searches a flawless process

Searching for the right offices has now become easier and more effective

Searching for the right offices has now become easier and more effective., the off-shoot of one of Malta’s leading real estate agencies QuickLets and Zanzi Homes (the QLZH Group), focusing solely on office spaces and commercial leases. Specialisation and individualized attention, like the one offers, has been at the heart of the strategy employed by the QLZH Group for its sales and letting sectors which as helped them grow to a team of over 350, reaching customers from 30 locations around Malta and Gozo.

The Co-Founder of, John Paul Barbara, feels that there wasn’t a dedicated online portal that focuses on commercial real estate and was always difficult to search for offices on most local websites. Once he was part of the QLZH Group, he joined forces with CEO Steve Mercieca, and together formed a winning formula to propel the Maltese commercial real estate industry by simplifying the search process for Maltese business people.

“Real estate websites are always targeted for residential properties and I always wanted to have a portal where clients can search their ideal office with all their preferred requirements and features which would eventually create their perfect office environment”, John Paul comments.

New offices are added on a daily basis whilst the availability of current listings is also updated regularly. “We want to the newest selection on the market as well as ensuring that our portfolio is fresh and relevant, increasing the possibility that if a client requests a viewing, the likelihood is that it is actually available”, John Paul continues.

One might ask: “Why shouldn’t I look by myself and avoid paying an agency fee?”

“The answer is a simple one; it is very time consuming to look for an office and we will take care of everything from advice to negotiating the agreement on the client’s behalf. Unless someone does this as a profession, there is a large chance that the client overpays or enters an agreement which might not be favorable”, John Paul explains. “We are specialist in this industry; we are viewing each property beforehand, taking professional pictures, meeting landlords on a daily basis and building relationships with them”, he concludes.


Visit today if you are looking for a new office space or if you are looking to upgrade your current one.

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