Waterfront Hotel awarded Green Mobility Hotel award

Waterfront Hotel recognised for its efforts in implementing sustainable and green mobility options to its guests

The Waterfront Hotel has been recognised for its efforts in implementing sustainable mobility measures by being awarded the Green Mobility Hotel Award.

The Green Mobility Policy, which is spearheaded by the Malta's tourism ministry, is designed to promote sustainable methods of transport in connection with hotels, as well as the rest of Malta.

“We recognise the impact that our day-to-day operations can have on our environment. We are proud to be leading this positive change to limit, the tourism industry’s impact on the environment. Our aims are to improve our guests’ travelling experience in Malta, to raise awareness about green mobility and to safeguard our island’s environmental assets,” CEO of the Waterfront Hotel, Maria Micallef said. 

Micallef said that the Waterfront hotel continuously promoted walking, cycling, public transport, and shared transport, to reduce carbon emissions. “Guests are encouraged to adopt more sustainable and green mobility options, by actively promoting and continuously improving the hotel’s environmental initiatives. Such measures include having a secure bicycle parking facility on-site, for guests and staff.”

Micallef added that the hotel encouraged guests to adopt more sustainable and green mobility options, by having a secure bicycle parking facility on-site, for guests and staff, shared shuttle transport to the airport and to weekly cultural activities, as well as the promotion of shared bikes and the sale of public transport cards from the hotel reception.

“This award encourages us to continue working towards achieving more sustainable practices. We are working to implement measures to ensure that our practices are sustainable across every level and channel. Thus, our Green Mobility Policy targets all stakeholders, including guests, employees, visitors, suppliers and business associates. By contributing to a sustainable transport management system within the tourism industry, we also aim to improve the quality of life of residents in Malta,” General Manager of the Waterfront Hotel, Charmaine Camilleri said. 

Camilleri said that the measures were aimed at mitigating the carbon footprint left by the hotel industry in Malta and that the Waterfront Hotel was committed to doing its part.

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