Naxxar Lions FC left without a każin as government talks delayed

The club will hold its last activities at the existing Naxxar Lions Bar, after which it will be formally evicted from the premises

Naxxar Lions Football Club has been left without a każin after experiencing delays in a government agreement to take ownership of promised land.

The club will be holding its last activities at the Naxxar Lions Bar after a meeting with government to take back land was delayed to the beginning of next January.

Government had granted the club a piece of land on which it could build a football stadium. Naxxar Lions was aiming to build of a state-of-the-art complex with accommodation, restaurants, and high quality football training facilities.

But last year the Planning Authority approved the development of a football ground in the vicinity of the Maria Regina College Middle School, the Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School, and adjacent to the MCAST Institute of Building and Construction Engineering.

A declaration by the Education Department confirmed that the new facilities will be used by the Naxxar Lions football club after school hours.

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Posted by Naxxar Lions FC on Sunday, December 5, 2021

“The club was always clear that the use of new school sports facilities should not prevent the club from taking back the land which it was already entitled to,” the club said in a statement.

“Nonetheless, we had to bow our heads to the rent sentence, with the Naxxar club now without a każin.”

The club held a meeting with government last week to try and solve the matter. In this meeting, which was held with Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima, the two parties agreed to have another meeting in the beginning of next January.

“The club has made it clear that further delays on this issue are unacceptable. Therefore, if there are no developments, an extraordinary meeting with the members will be called.”