[WATCH] Close call for Malta's Whippy Racing as opponent has spectacular crash

Malta's Mr. Whippy Racing put in a great time in the second qualifying round, but the same cannot be said for his opponent.

Monty Bugeja just passed Fred Hanssen before he crashed
Monty Bugeja just passed Fred Hanssen before he crashed

Mr. Whippy Racing is taking part in the NHRA Top Alcohol NHRA Drag Racing series in California, USA this this year.

The season has been successfull so far with good qualification results qualifying the Maltese team in the finals on a number of occasions.

Fred Hanssen, of Afjord, Norway, was involved in this incredible crash during the second Top Alcohol Dragster qualifying session for the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series portion of the Auto Club NHRA Finals. Hanssen’s car went out of control just as Whippy Racing's Monty Bugeja passed him, Hanssen made contact with the retaining wall before coming to a stop on its side. Hanssen exited the car under his own power, was alert and responding to commands.


Bugeja managed to put in a time of 5.37s in that race. In the first qualification round, Bugeja had a better time of 5.32s.

After two qualifying rounds, Monty Bugeja sits in fifth place.

Mr. Whippy Racing will now race in the elimination round.