New project to allow local motorsport officials receive full training

Three Maltese officials to shadow their Italian counterparts during the Salita Monte Erice in Trapani

The Malta Motorsport Federation, with its partners ACI Sport of Italy, launched an ERASMUS project offering courses to help local officials achieve internationally-recognised training.

 “Although MMF is very proud of the training levels our officials have, we need to start planning ahead, in view of the government’s project to have a race track locally,” the federation said in a statement.

Thanks to this project, the MMF will be in a position to have fully trained motorsport officials. The local officials will be trained in a number of fields, including clerk of the course, circuit official, race director and scruntineer.

Each official will shadow international licensed officials for three to four events each: “This will help give our officials the exposure needed to attain an MMF international license, which is recognized worldwide,” it said, adding that the next step would then be an FIA International license.

This weekend, three Maltese officials will be shadowing their Italian counterparts during the famous Salita Monte Erice in Trapani.

MMF President Tonio Cini insisted that the progress would not have been possible without the support of ACI Sport President Angelo Sticchi Damiani and ACI Sport Director, Marco Ferrari.