Olympic Committee laments lack of direction over resumption of sports activities

The Malta Olympic Committee, which represents more than 47 sports associations, says it ‘has been left in the dark’ over a way forward after all activities were stopped because of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Malta Olympic Committee has expressed its disappointment at government’s lack of direction as to when and how restrictions surrounding sporting activities will be lifted.

In a statement, the MOC, which represents more than 47 sports associations said it “has been left in the dark”, as to how athletes will be returning to normality.

It also said that other countries have already opened up a number of sporting disciplines with specific guidelines.

“Unless the government urgently reacts to the needs of sport, Maltese athletes will be disadvantaged when compared with competitors,” it said.

The MOC also lamented how it was left out of a meeting held between the health authorities and Sport Malta, a government agency, last week.

“Furthermore, it seems that no information to the Maltese public seems to have been issued with regards to the outcome of this meeting,” it said.

The committee also called out government for failing to get back to a request by the MOC for a meeting in which it would be presenting a document on how national team athletes may resume training whilst respecting health directives.

“The MOC is willing to collaborate with and offer advice to the local authorities,” the statement read.

The statement concluded by pleading to the authorities to issue specific procedures as to how different sports can resume their training and playing schedules.