Individual and non-contact sport to return on Friday

Gyms remain closed

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Individual and non-contact sports can now be carried out, as the Prime Minister announced the further relaxation of COVID-19 measures on Monday.

Robert Abela, Deputy PM Chris Fearne and Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci announced the lifting of measures aimed at containing the spread of the coronavirus.

Sports like diving and tennis will be allowed to be practiced under the health authorities’ regulation.

With the PM also announcing that people can now start congregating in groups of six, athletes can resume outdoor training as long as they abide by regulation.

“Training, I know that it is very important for athletes but it will be vital that everyone respects the social-distancing principle of a group of six to ensure nobody is put at risk,” Charmaine Gauci said.      

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Abela said that gyms will not reopen on Friday.

On Monday, the Malta Olympic Committee expressed its disappointment at government’s lack of direction as to when and how restrictions surrounding sporting activities will be lifted.

The Malta Football Association also announced on Monday that it has officially ended top-flight football.

Today's decision does not concern the sporting outcome of the tournament. A decision on who will be awarded the championship and get relegated will be taken in another meeting.

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